How much does it cost to convert numbers?

Digital conversions are not an expense, but digital transformation is the way to optimize costs and create new value. Digital transformation is not the latest and greatest digital shopping.

How much does digital conversion help optimize?

Engie is a French electric power company. Engie made a digital shift into maintenance, moving from traditional maintenance to predictive maintenance.

Traditionally, maintenance is done periodically or when there is a breakdown. Predictive Maintenance is about predicting failures, and thereby optimizing maintenance plans. Engie has 1.2 million km of lines, including many types of assets such as power stations, lines, transformers, meters, sensors etc …, data collected in real time in petabytes (1 million GB) each day, combined with other relevant data, like the weather.

How much does it cost to convert numbers?

AI predictive maintenance big data analysis platform with more than 1000 machine learning models, allowing 140,000 guesses per day, 10-minute / 1-time cycle, cost savings over 100 million EURO / 1 year. In particular, artificial intelligence allows the use and modeling of knowledge accumulated over 30 years by a number of skilled professionals. Efficiency can reduce up to 30% of maintenance costs and 75% of service downtime.

How much more revenue does digital conversions generate?

Viettel is an industry – telecommunications corporation of Vietnam. In the first half of 2020, due to complicated developments of Covid-19, Viettel promotes customer interaction on digital channels instead of traditional channels. New services have a customer interaction rate of over 90% on digital channels.

Thanks to the transformation of the number of customer care operations, the customer satisfaction rate for telecommunications services has increased from 87.92% (in 2019) to 90.02% (in 2020). Viettel actively moves customer interactions to Chatbot My Viettel system to nearly 25 thousand times / day (reaching 95%). Besides, Viettel also focuses on developing online partners to serve customers who shop at home. Viettel’s revenue in the first 6 months of the year reached 120,000 billion VND, an increase of more than 10,000 billion VND compared to the same period in 2019.

How to spend on converting numbers to match?

Each agency or organization will base itself on its digital transformation strategy to have an appropriate spending level. For ministerial and provincial government agencies, the share of spending on digital transformation should be 1% of total annual state budget expenditure. The world average is about 2-3%. In some countries like Singapore, this rate can be up to 4-5%.

Digital transformation is the transfer of operations from real to digital. Ensuring network safety and security is a prerequisite for digital transformation. Each organization or enterprise needs to spend at least 10% of their spending on digital transformation to spend on activities to ensure network safety and security.

Department of Information Technology – Ministry of Information and Communications

Online directory of Vietnamese digital conversion solutions

Online directory of Vietnamese digital conversion solutions

The online directory of digital transformation solutions is designed to create a technology startup ecosystem, thereby promoting digital transformation in Vietnam.


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