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Men think about sex more than women, but not at all times of the day, and the frequency of thinking about “sex” is not much different for the sexes.

Many people spread the information that every 7 seconds, men think about “sex” once. Thus, in a day, the number of times a man fantasizes about sex can be up to 514 times. However, there are no studies that prove this number actually exists.

In 2011, a team of experts from Ohio State University, USA, conducted a study to track the frequency of sexual thoughts on 283 college students over the course of a week. Test participants were given presses to press every time “sex” popped into their mind. The results showed that on average, male students thought about sex 19 times a day, while female students said they thought about sex 10 times a day.

The figures were published in the Journal of Sexual Research, with the conclusion that men think about sex almost twice as much as women. However, the researchers also found that “there was no significant correlation between the participants’ gender and the reported cognitive pattern”. Because while study participants thought about sex more, they also thought about food and sleep more often than women.

In general, men think about sex more than women. Image: Xframe

According to Professor Terri Fisher, who led the study, what is interesting is the large variation among those surveyed. Some male students think about sex 388 times a day, while others think only 19 times. The girl who thought the least about sex only 10 times a day, even though one schoolgirl thought about it 140 times a day.

Fisher hopes that this study shows that there is a wide range in how often men and women think about sex, and that it’s not just men who think about it on a regular basis. “Some women think about sex more than men do,” she said.

Janet Hyde, PhD, Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, USA, considers this to be the best study to date on the frequency of thoughts about sex. “It shows that the difference between men and women isn’t nearly as big as we often think. This study has gone a long way toward overturning the stereotype that men are too passionate about sex and women are not. interested in sex,” Hyde said.

In more recent findings, OnePoll published the results of a 2019 study in conjunction with Pure Romance, surveying 2,000 American adults who regularly have sex about how often they talk about it. . As a result, 65% of respondents said they felt comfortable sharing their sex life with others, 29% said they were “very comfortable”. Respondents most often discussed their sex life with their lover, partner, spouse (61%), followed by close friends (60%), friends (40%), colleagues career (28%) and roommates (26%).

It makes perfect sense for a person to talk about sex with their partner the most because, as a result, that’s a common way people get sex life advice.

Americans are quite fond of telling about their erotic adventures. According to the survey, each American tells their sex story to an average of 4 different people. However, only 17% of men share their sex stories with their mothers and 20% with their fathers.

Mr. Ngoc (According to Men’s Health, WebMD)


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