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Stage 4 is the stage before kidney failure, then the life expectancy of the patient will depend on the medical condition, health, age …

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition in which the kidneys are damaged and the kidney functions cannot function properly. Stage 4 kidney disease is when a person’s estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is between 15 and 29.3. At that time, the kidneys had suffered moderate to severe damage and the situation was quite serious. Life expectancy with stage 4 kidney disease can vary, depending on your age, overall health, other medical conditions, and adherence to treatment plans. The number of years in a person with CKD can range from more than one year to more than 15 years.

A 2012 study found that both men and women with low kidney function, especially under 30%, significantly reduced life expectancy. The study also found that women tend to live longer in all stages of kidney disease except stage 4. At this stage, the difference in life expectancy of patients at some age only difference. slight gender difference. Accordingly: at the age of 40, men can live about 10 years and women 9 years, at the age of 60, for men it is 5.6 years, for women it is 6.2 years, at the age of 80, about 2.5 years for men and 3.1 years for women.

Thus, the life expectancy of patients with stage 4 kidney disease depends on the disease status, the age of the disease and the treatment method. Specialist doctors will make receptor recommendations so that patients can live longer.

CKD stage 4 is the stage before kidney failure, the patient’s life expectancy depends on health status, age, disease status… Photo: Adobe Stock

Note with stage 4 kidney disease

This is a dangerous stage, kidney function has been significantly reduced, so the patient will sometimes experience severe symptoms such as swelling in the hands and feet, back pain, changes in urination and water habits. Urinary… Complications due to severe decline in kidney function usually occur in stage 4. This is because the kidneys are not able to filter waste and excess fluid as usual, the patient is at risk of developing high blood pressure. high blood pressure, anemia, bone and joint diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic complications… Especially, at this stage, if there are no measures to slow down the progression, it is very easy to lead to kidney failure. Patients also need to be prepared for dialysis or a kidney transplant in case of kidney failure.

There is no cure for stage 4 chronic kidney disease, and measures are primarily intended to help slow its progression and keep the body healthy. This may include diet and lifestyle or taking medication to control blood pressure or blood sugar.

Diet: Dietary changes can help slow kidney disease progression and help treat and prevent complications. These include limiting salt, consuming protein, phosphorus and potassium in the diet.

Life style: Lifestyle changes can also help slow the progression of kidney disease, such as quitting smoking, alcohol, and staying physically active (if approved by a specialist). Smoking may be responsible for the progression of CKD, and physical activity can help control sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight.

In addition, the patient should regularly visit the doctor so that the doctor can monitor blood and urine levels, to rule out related health complications.

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