How long can the corona virus survive on your skin, especially the skin of the hand?

Coronavirus: Despite all efforts, the global epidemic is not taking its name. The new corona virus has been quoted through many research that on which surface the virus can remain for how long. But it was not yet revealed how long the virus survives on human skin. Now an attempt has been made to find the answer.

Your skin is the biggest carrier of corona virus

Scientists have done comparative study of influenza and corona virus stay on the skin through lab tests. By research, they have concluded that your skin may be the biggest carrier of the corona virus. The United States Army Medical Research Institute of Effective Diseases did research in July. After research, it was reported that the corona virus can remain on the skin, especially the skin of the hands, for eight hours to 14 days. And temperature plays a big role in the presence of corona virus on the skin.

According to research, the corona virus can remain on the skin for eight hours at a temperature of 37 ° C. Whereas if he gets a temperature of 22 ° C, then the time of his stay on the skin can be 22 hours. At the same time, the corona virus living at 4 degree Celsius temperature can be of 14 days.

Influenza virus and corona virus study

In other words, the higher the temperature, the more the corona virus’s time on the skin will increase. The research has been published in ‘Clinical Infectious Diseases’. In which influenza virus and corona virus have been studied, the corona virus remains on the skin for nine hours while the influenza virus becomes inactive after two hours of being on the skin.

According to research, when a hand sanitizer with 80 percent ethanol was used, influenza virus and corona virus became inactive within 15 seconds from the skin. Researchers say that using an 80 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer proves to be the best at killing viruses before ingesting body parts. They also say that washing hands for two minutes with soap and water can also be effective. Therefore, regular hand hygiene should be done to avoid Kovid-19 infection.

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