How I argued… (My sex life), Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Music… Movies online to watch, or not, this week

During the health crisis and the closing of cinemas, the editorial staff Figaro offers you every Wednesday a selection of new products available on streaming platforms or VOD.

To have

How I argued … (My sex life) , Desplechin in the text

Paul is in trouble. First, he fails to complete his thesis. Then Sylvia. She is the companion of one of her friends, Nathan, but she attracts him, irremediably. In a relationship for ten years with Esther, Paul can no longer support her. Our hero is the direct incarnation of these thirties, youth of the 1990s, lost in university meanders and juggling between irony and existential doubts. With this river feature film with romantic accents, Arnaud Desplechin signed a generational film in 1996. We discover a young Mathieu Amalric already at the top of his game, supported by a host of romantic characters, including an impeccable Emmanuelle Devos, as always with Desplechin, as a misguided girlfriend.

Available on Arte.tv

Snowpiercer, the Transperceneige , a hellish train

In 2031, the earth became an empty, icy desert. All because eighteen years ago, inconsistent scientists invented a product supposed to fight against global warming. Well done the environmentalists. This is where we are. What remains of humanity has taken refuge in a train that travels at high speed and is not allowed to stop. At least there is no risk of a strike by the railway workers. This is one of the advantages of the future. It’s a very silly story as we like them on Saturday night. Science fiction is for big kids. Director Bong Joon-ho multiplies the fights and explosions. He takes care of the scenery, snowy peaks, vast expanses swept by winds, fossilized ruins of frost. The result is sometimes suffocating beauty. The scenario, well the scenario, we are not here for that. The important thing is that the locomotive hits the ice floes, that the convoy does not derail. The TGV crosses oceans of white, lifts powdery sheaves. Whoever owns the machine also has power.

Available on OCS

You can see

Zack Snyder’s Justice League , champion of VOD

No more compromises. Zack Snyder returns through the digital door to deliver his unbridled vision of the superheroic magnum opus that escaped his hands in 2017; a family death had prevented him from finishing the project. Countdown to the pruning job done by Josh Whedon, the director of 300 and of Man of steel unleashes his talent over four long hours, rich in dramatic slow motion and popcorn action. The renewed frame of the film – resuscitated by the mobilization of fans on social networks – dresses an unchanged story: after the death of Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) reunite a team of super- hero to protect the planet from an alien invasion. Not devoid of some slowness, this “ Snyder Cut »Which is a hit on VOD – 100,000 downloads in one week, a record – above all does justice to the characters abandoned in 2017, such as the silent Cyborg (Ray Fisher) – revelation of the film – and Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds), who finally shines as an enemy imperfect. Cleaned of its first impurities, the wine (a little too long in the mouth) can be tasted. It is still necessary to taste this heroic bouquet whose notes loaded with obscure references risk leaving laymen, if not drunk, at least disillusioned.

Available on VOD

Spring breakers, a hell of a descent into hell

Sex, drugs and robbery. So much for the explosive cocktail of spring breakers, a film by Harmony Korine. The director of Gummo, a specialist in tormented and decadent adolescents, tackles the cheeky period of the American “spring break”. Brittle, by the way, the image of Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) and Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend), then barely out of the Disney era. The first trailer announces a universe visually close to an R&B clip on ecstasy. We discover the merry band of the two former muses of the firm with big ears in full summer debauchery. Short holidays since after a too drunken evening, the young girls find themselves in police custody. Alien, the local boss with metallic teeth played by James Franco, pays their deposit and takes them under his wing. Starting point of a descent into hell to the rhythm of Skrillex and Cliff Martinez, the composer of Drive .

Available on Prime Video from April 1

To avoid

Music , and everyone starts to be disillusioned

For her first film, Sia misses the boat. The pitch: on the death of her grandmother, Music, a teenage autistic New Yorker, is entrusted to her half-sister Zu, just out of rehab. Frequent collaborator of Sia, seen in her clips, the young dancer Maddie Ziegler, who lends her features to Music, gets lost in onomatopoeia and grunts. A caricature, retrograde and dangerous vision when fiction had made so much progress in portraying the diversity and complexity of autistic disorders, ofAtypical (Netflix) at On the Spectrum (Salto). The character of Music is very quickly dispossessed of the story and turns out to be a foil to guide his sister (Kate Hudson shaved like a GI) on the path to redemption. The film is also interspersed with pastel musical comedy interludes without tail or head which are supposed to illustrate the inner life of the protagonists. A very bad trip.

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