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How effective is the booster dose of AstraZeneca on Omicron? The study revealed

Omicron Variant Alerts: The third dose of AstraZeneca’s Kovid-19 vaccine Vaxzevria is also effective against the new variant Omicron. This has come to the fore from a study conducted by the University of Oxford.

AstraZeneca said in its statement on Thursday, “The vaccine developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca increased neutralizing antibodies to the same level. As the delta variant is neutralized after taking two doses, so should the third dose i.e. booster dose.” But the Omicron variant was neutralized.”

Study done on 41 people

This is good news to a large extent in the direction of fighting the battle against the victorious Omicron. However, in Western countries it has been sidelined as a booster dose, as other vaccines have been shown to be more effective against Omicron in trials. This study was done on 41 people, who were given the third dose of this vaccine.

Data from another lab study showed that two doses of Astra’s vaccine inactivated the Omicron variant. A 36-fold reduction was seen in the original form of the virus.

Booster campaign intensified in many countries

When it came to light that the effectiveness of the vaccine on the Omicron variant was low, it was reported that giving a booster dose could provide protection. After this, many countries intensified the booster campaign. On Wednesday, more than one lakh new cases of corona virus were confirmed in the UK alone.

Reduced risk of hospitalization

However, early studies from South Africa, Scotland and England suggest that high mutated Omicron variants have lower risks of hospitalization than delta variants. In such a situation, it is expected that this variant will reduce the cases of serious condition. At the same time, Omicron being more contagious also means that it can seriously affect health services, increasing the need for boosters.


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