How does Ho Chi Minh City reduce the load on doctors and nurses?

The Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City requires units that have withdrawn from the field hospital to add replacement personnel; ensure rest time, suitable diet, do not let medical staff do administrative work.

In a document sent to districts, field hospitals, Covid-19 treatment and isolation areas, on September 12, the Department of Health asked the units to strictly follow the advice of the Special Standing Department. on Covid-19 prevention and control (Ministry of Health) in Ho Chi Minh City.

About personnel, Department of request Units that have withdrawn staff from the field hospital must immediately add replacements, ensure their numbers, and avoid putting pressure on the remaining staff.

Units must minimize the withdrawal of personnel participating in epidemic prevention and control in the city of the supporting delegations. Only withdraw people in urgent situations and with the approval of the Ministry of Health (with units under the Ministry) and the Department of Health (with units under the Department).

Before withdrawing, the units prepare alternate replacement personnel, ensure sufficient numbers of previously supported and have time to hand over instructions to the delegation receiving new jobs at least one week before withdrawing. .

In order for the force of doctors, nurses and medical staff to have time to rest after their shifts, the Department proposed not to assign more administrative work to them. If there is a shortage of people, they must supplement the force of students and volunteers.

The Department of Health said that it will continue to recommend the Ministry of Health to mobilize specialized human resources to support field hospitals and Covid-19 treatment hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, especially doctors and nurses. capable of giving first aid and resuscitation to the units.

In addition, the city continues to mobilize a group of volunteers, namely F0 who have recovered from the disease, to participate in patient care, administration and logistics at the above units, in order to reduce the load on medical staff. The “former F0” will be contracted to work with support regimes and policies.

Medical staff treat severe and critical Covid-19 patients at the Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital, Thu Duc City in July 2021. Photo: Thanh Nguyen

Work-related take care of life For health workers, the Department requires food suppliers to adjust their diets to ensure nutrition, with more options to suit the taste of each region. In case medical staff are unfortunately infected with Covid-19, they need to ensure the minimum diet as usual (120,000 VND) rather than the patient’s regimen as before (80,000 VND).

Monitoring the quality of daily meals of suppliers at field hospitals, Covid-19 treatment hospitals, F0 concentrated isolation areas… will be conducted by the Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control, the director of the disease. implemented, ensuring the source of fresh and delicious ingredients. In case the meal supplier does not have a good change, the meal is not guaranteed, it will be reported to the Department.

The Department also noted that the security and military forces only control the entry and exit into the treatment area for medical staff, “absolutely not affecting each individual’s private life, putting pressure on the mental life.” god of medical staff”.

On September 6, the Ministry of Health expressed concern about the resignation of doctors and nurses, sending an official dispatch to localities requesting the arrangement of human resources to ensure medical examination and treatment for Covid and non-Covid patients; timely reward medical staff; have a mechanism for handling and revoking practice certificates for medical staff who voluntarily quit their jobs or quit their duties. This third content cause a lot of conflicting opinionsIn the context of the outbreak, the medical team is under a lot of pressure about work, life, income…

A day later, in a dispatch to the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City, Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son said that on average, a doctor and nurse is taking care of 140-150 Covid-19 patients, while the meal meal is 120,000 VND a day. , a lot of work pressure, lack of personnel, constant risk of infection…

Deputy Director of the Department of Health Nguyen Hoai Nam said that the 10th Ho Chi Minh City People’s Council has approved a one-time support level for frontline forces participating in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic. Currently, some hospitals have made the payment.

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