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Research shows that people with Covid-19 not only have lung damage and weakness, but also problems related to reproductive function, sexual health both in the short and long term.

Doctor Tu Thanh Tri Dung, Head of the Department of Andrology, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, said the above and shared that the prolonged epidemic also affects the sex life of men who do not have Covid.

Stress, stress for a long time causes the male body to produce the hormone cortisol, which is considered the cause of a decrease in testosterone and nitric oxide – two factors that play an important role in physiological life. Fear of the disease can also cause men to delay going to the doctor for male problems. Meanwhile, the longer it is delayed, the less effective the treatment of male hypogonadism will be.

Studies show that nCoV affects male sexual function. According to scientists, the pathogenic mechanism of nCoV is based on the structure of a spike protein that attaches to the ACE 2 receptor (protein) located on the cell membrane, thereby entering cells in the human body. ACE 2 receptors are abundantly present in cell membranes lining the mouth, lungs, heart, other organs including the genitals, ovaries, endometrium in women and testes in men. Research by University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center, Ohio, USA, shows that nCoV was detected in the testicles of male patients.

Testicular structure of Covid-19 patients observed under electron microscope shows the presence of nCoV (blue arrow) in the seminiferous tubules. Photo: The World Journal of Men’s Health

In men, the testicles play an important role in reproductive health and sexual life, producing sperm and about 95% of the hormone testosterone. If the testicles are damaged, their ability to produce sex hormones and sperm will be affected.

According to a meta-report of 60 studies in many countries, men with Covid-19 are five times more likely to have erectile dysfunction than men without. During the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the incidence of gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction compared to before the pandemic. One of the factors contributing to this condition is a decrease in testosterone.

At the same time, when infected with a virus, the inflammation of the body can cause the formation of small blood clots and damage to the lining of blood vessels. This can reduce blood flow in the arteries, making it harder to get an erection. With the above effects, when infected with Covid-19, men are prone to reduced sexual ability such as decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, leading to reproductive problems such as reduced conception rate.

According to Dr. Tri Dung, men have problems with sexual health, so Change your lifestyle in a positive way such as exercising, eating and sleeping in moderation, not staying up late, not abusing stimulants, alcohol… Using supplements to improve sexual health, going to a doctor, not should have the mentality of “waiting for the translation to end and then counting” because it can make the problem worse.

To improve physiological life, it is recommended to maintain a diet that ensures sufficient groups of substances (especially meat and fish, omega 3 oils), green vegetables and fiber, and limits greasy and fast foods to weight control. Build and maintain a workout regimen, be it outdoors, indoors or in the gym. Any subject if practiced with the right technique and duration is good for the man’s body. In particular, weight training, sprinting is considered a way to promote the body to produce testosterone faster.

People with more serious problems, need to be examined by a gynecologist to properly diagnose the condition and treat if necessary, should not have the mentality of “waiting for the epidemic to end and then continue” because it can make the problem worse. more serious. At the same time, supplementing with natural health care products to support the body’s production of endogenous testosterone and nitric oxide, such as Eurycoma Longifolia, French sea pine extract and ocean oyster extract…

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