How does alcohol affect the room?

Men who drink a lot of alcohol have the ability to affect their sex life, even reproductive health.

Doctor Vo Duy Tam (Men’s Health Center) said that many people mistakenly believe that alcohol contributes to sexual pleasure and quality. In fact, alcohol can only bring positive effects when used in moderation, abuse will bring bad effects.

Problems with erection

Drinking large amounts of alcohol can make it more difficult for men to achieve and maintain an erection. This could be a sign of erectile dysfunction. The alcohol in alcohol affects the central nervous system and interferes with signals from the brain to the penis, thereby reducing blood flow to the penis, causing a decrease in erection.

Problems with orgasm and ejaculation

The effects of alcohol on signaling between the brain and the sex organs may affect men’s perception of sexual stimulation. This leads to a loss of control over ejaculation. Men may ejaculate faster than usual or conversely have difficulty reaching orgasm. Some cases cannot ejaculate.

Affects sexual desire

Drinking alcohol in large amounts and for a long time can cause a decrease in sex drive. Alcohol has a negative effect on the production of the male sex hormone – testosterone by the testicles. Meanwhile, testosterone is the dominant hormone in creating sexual excitement in men.

Affects fertility

The quality and quantity of sperm in people who abuse alcohol are often worse than in the average person. This can be explained by a decrease in testosterone, because this hormone has certain roles in sperm production in the testicles.

Risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Drunk and loss of control over behavior can make men lose control, affect decisions in action, lead to risky behaviors in sex, especially unsafe sex. increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Le Phuong