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How do Kovid-19 patients appear in the ‘last moments’ of life? The doctor’s video went viral

How do the last moments of a patient suffering from Kovid-19 pass? To tell this, a doctor has shared the video. Doctors are working on the corona virus epidemic front. The purpose of the clip shared on Twitter is to tell the people the epidemic. Staring at the camera, he holds the laryngoscopy machine endotracheal tube. Both devices are used during respiratory distress.

Doctor told Kovid-19 patient’s last moment

He said, “I hope that the last moments of your life do not appear like this because if we did not start wearing masks in public place, following social distancing and washing hands often, then you will see the last moment of life like this . “

Video of corona warrior viral on internet

The video shared by researcher Keith Reme of Washington University researcher and St. Louis Children’s Hospital is becoming increasingly viral. He says that he has treated more than a thousand Kovid-19 patients and has seen ‘at least 50-60’ patients dying of the disease. He said that 100 patients had to be inhaled so far during the epidemic.

Doctors say that life can be normal only when you take safeguards to prevent infection. Talking about the inconvenience caused by wearing masks, he warned that breathing 40 or 50 times in a minute is even more painful. He said, “I suggest the only way for people to be alive and safe is not to get infected in the first place. In fact, I don’t want to call the family to tell them that their family was healthy a week ago but now in death Have slept. He appealed to the people for protective measures and said that they will help in saving the lives of your family members.

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