How do farmers get on the e-commerce floor effectively?

“How to be effective on the e-commerce platform” was the question of many delegates attending the 6th National Farmers Forum with the theme “Farmers with agricultural digital transformation”.

Great benefits of being on the e-commerce floor

The forum “Farmers with agricultural digital transformation” taking place on the morning of November 2 is an annual event within the framework of the Vietnam Farmers Pride Program 2021, chaired by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Association. present day village/Dan Viet is the organizing unit.

One of the goals of the Forum is to help farmers quickly and effectively access new and advanced technologies, speed up the connection process, and consume agricultural products on e-commerce platforms.

From practice in Bac Giang, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Phan The Tuan has provided a lot of information as proof of the great benefits when putting agricultural products on the floor.

In 2021, Bac Giang province has promoted online consumption of agricultural products. The province has coordinated with the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade) and the Postal Department (Ministry of Information and Communications) to support the consumption of lychee and agricultural products on e-commerce floors; Encourage businesses and cooperatives to open booths on e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, 24h, Sendo, Postmart, Seashell…

“Total lychee consumption reached more than 215,000 tons, the highest ever. The market is expanding and there is great room for development. In which, consumption on e-commerce floors reached over 8,000 tons”, Mr. Tuan stated specific data.

Mr. Tuan also said that Bac Giang province has issued a plan to support farmers and agricultural production households on the e-commerce platform, promoting the development of the agricultural and rural digital economy. In which, it will focus on supporting and training knowledge and skills for production households and agricultural cooperatives to register to participate in 2 e-commerce floors Postmart (of Vietnam Post Corporation) and Shell (of Vietnam Post Corporation) Viettel Post Joint Stock Company) to connect, promote and expand the consumption market, towards the formation of digital agricultural production households with digital booths, digital addresses, digital payment accounts, access to digital origin on e-commerce floors, thereby promoting the development of the agricultural and rural digital economy.

Forum overview. Photo: BM

Farmers are still confused

Looking at the whole country, up to now, the introduction of agricultural products on the new e-commerce floor has mainly been applied to agricultural enterprises and cooperatives, while for farmers, it is still a work in progress. very new.

“How to get on the e-commerce floor effectively” is still a big question of many Vietnamese farmers in general, and many delegates out of 63 typical farmers were honored to directly attend the Forum. this time.

“Currently, OCOP products of Gia Lai province have been listed on Postmart, Sea Shell, Sendo… However, farmers still have many difficulties when accessing e-commerce platforms. We look forward to approaching customers through e-commerce sites to have a better opportunity to introduce local products to customers inside and outside the province. We hope to have more training courses so that we have the opportunity to access e-commerce platforms faster, better, and more efficiently”, said Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao, owner of Thao Hien pure coffee roaster in Gia Lai. express.

Owning 2 vegetable farms with annual revenue of 15 billion VND, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tram in Bac Ninh also asked a series of questions: Do e-commerce sites have any special support for farmers? How to control input documents to create a healthy playground for quality products, clear origin, avoid fake goods, poor quality goods on e-commerce sites? Is there any training policy for farmers participating in sales on e-commerce sites, such as training on how to take photos, livestream, post on the page?…

Cooperation to support farmers on the floor

As a national postal enterprise, recently, Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) has taken on a new role, which is supporting farmers to put farmers on the e-commerce floor.

Mr. Chu Quang Hao, General Director of Vietnam Post, said that in the past year, Postmart has been well operated to bring rural people to the floor. Currently, nearly 2.5 million rural people have been put on this e-commerce platform.

Recently, the Ministry of Information and Communications has directed two pure Vietnamese e-commerce floors (Postmart and Shell) to speed up the support process, helping rural people digital transformation, making purchases on the floor smoothly. With the characteristics of a nationwide staff network, Vietnam Post will coordinate with localities to visit each farmer household to advise and help them get on the floor in the most convenient way.

“Vietnam Post will be deeply involved in supporting and advising people from how to harvest, process, transport, and sell products… Not only encapsulating rural people on the Postmart floor, but This is the process of accompanying farmers to offer more quality and valuable products, helping rural people develop sustainable economy,” said Mr. Hao.

Also at the Forum, Mr. Luong Quoc Doan, Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Association said, identifying the roles and responsibilities in supporting farmers in digital transformation and participation in the digital economy, the Vietnam Farmers’ Union will promote communication to raise awareness of farmers and society about digital transformation, build and connect specialized pages on digital transformation and digital economy on the portal and fanpage of Vietnam Farmers’ Associations at all levels. in the country.

Besides, will coordinate to build mobile applications (app Store, Google Play) to support digital transformation for farmers; Improve knowledge on digital transformation and development of digital economy in agriculture for farmers; Building and transferring models to support farmers in digital transformation; Coordinate with licensed businesses and units (Viettel Pay, VNPT Pay, Postpay of Vietnam Post, Momo, etc.) to deploy digital forms of finance to support farmers such as peer-to-peer lending, non-payment of payments. cash, mobile money…

How do farmers get on the e-commerce floor effectively?
Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dinh, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Association, and Mr. Chu Quang Hao, General Director of Vietnam Post Corporation, representatives of the two units signed the cooperation agreement. Photo: BM

Within the framework of the Forum, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Association and the Vietnam Post Corporation signed a cooperation agreement on supporting farmers in digital transformation in production and consumption of agricultural products and goods in the period of 2021 – 2025.

A notable content of the agreement is to coordinate in propaganda, introduction and connection of product consumption through the e-commerce trading floor, the Agripostmart store chain of Vietnam Post and other points of introduction and standards. agricultural products and goods of the Vietnam Farmers’ Association.

This activity is to implement the Plan of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Association on “Farmers with Digital Transformation” and Decision No. 1034 of the Ministry of Information and Communications on the Plan to bring agricultural production households up e-commerce floor, promoting the agricultural and rural digital economy.

Bringing high-quality oranges with

Bringing high-quality oranges with “soft” prices on the Postmart floor, Seashells

Many kinds of high-quality oranges are being sold on e-commerce platforms and at relatively “soft” prices. Partly thanks to the seller has been applied many preferential policies by the floor owner.



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