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Even after recovering from Covid, the test is negative, the body still produces antibodies that can form a cytokine storm that damages body parts, creating persistent sequelae.

Dr. Dao Thi Yen Phi (senior advisor at Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic system) said that when infected with Covid-19 patients often go through many different pathological stages. Basically it can be divided into three phases:

Phase one, recently infected with Covid-19, the patient is in a “viral phase”. In this phase, nCoV causes symptoms such as runny nose, upper respiratory tract infection, headache, sore throat, loss of smell, loss of taste…

Phase two, the treatment is cured, the virus no longer exists in the body, the test result is negative. At this time, the body continues to produce antibodies and may overproduce antibodies, forming a cytokine storm that attacks healthy cells, causing damage to organs such as lungs, liver, heart … Therefore, even though the test is negative, the body still faces quite serious medical conditions.

The doctor examines nutrition and consults the menu at Nutrihome. Photo. provided by the doctor

During stages one and two, when the virus invades, white blood cells and antibodies attack the organs, causing the body to suffer a lot of damage. These two stages are likened to the battle between the body and external agents. When winning, the body faces many “wounds” so it becomes weak, cells are at risk of necrosis, and the function of organs decreases.

At the same time, in both of these stages, tissues (lean tissues) are also greatly damaged. In addition to muscle mass in the biceps and calves, the muscle mass of other organs is also greatly affected, namely heart muscle cells, liver cells, brain cells, kidney cells…

Stage three is the recovery phase, the muscles of the organs are damaged, damaged and unhealthy, while the body’s energy stores have been depleted during the illness.

Doctor Yen Phi analyzed, as a rule of thumb, the body always has a special reserve to help us sustain for a few days if it is not provided with substances through eating. This storehouse includes: vitamins A, C, B vitamins, minerals, calcium… provide sufficient materials to build cells and muscles. If the reserve is depleted, but the body is not provided with more nutrients, the health of cells, tissues, muscles … is difficult to recover.

The more organs are damaged, the more severe the disease, the longer the recovery process, even 2-3 months after being cured.

In addition to the physical health, the mental health of the patient is also severely affected. When the body is damaged, nerve cells are affected, energy stores are reduced to the point where there is no longer the material to form neurotransmitters or to function normally. This deficiency leads to headaches, insomnia, hormonal changes, metabolic disorders, increased stress and anxiety. This is a purely physical problem, maybe not because of psychological factors.

Therefore, it is necessary to recover both physically, mentally and psychologically. Provide adequate nutrition, eat rich and diverse groups of substances (protein, starch, fat, vitamins and minerals) to have enough materials to rebuild the body. Prioritize nutrients that increase resistance, restore health and regenerate tissues and cells such as protein (protein), healthy fats, vitamins A, C, D, E and minerals such as iron and zinc. ..

The daily menu should have a balance between animal and vegetable proteins (meat, fish, eggs, milk, shrimp, crab, seafood, beans, beans…), with a full complement of green vegetables and fruits. , drink enough water. Eat small meals throughout the day, limit sugar, don’t drink alcohol, smoke, don’t eat salty and salty foods, limit coffee or tea because it can make it difficult to sleep.

“If the patient does not have the right interventions and nutrition, the post-Covid-19 sequelae can be as long and as serious as the acute treatment phase,” Dr.

Nguyen Pham

Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic system specializes in nutritional examination, counseling and treatment for children and adults, with modern equipment such as liquid chromatography machine to help determine micronutrients in the body (vitamins A, B, D, etc.) E, calcium, iron, zinc…), body composition meter gives more than 50 important parameters…


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