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How are the percentages of anti-Covid vaccination among teachers calculated?

Throughout the summer, Jean-Michel Blanquer has seen teacher vaccination rates fluctuating between 75 and 80%. Figures based on “Internal surveys and feedback in which teachers took part before the summer holidays, but which cannot be made public”, replied the ministry, questioned by The cross end of July.

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Thursday August 26, during his back-to-school press conference, the Minister of National Education once again praised the good vaccination coverage among teachers. “Today, 78% of teachers already have a complete vaccination schedule and 11% are on the verge of having it”, he rejoiced. This time, the information is sourced: it is based on an Ipsos survey, commissioned by the ministry.

“A relatively low margin of error”

Carried out between August 10 and 16, 2021, the survey is based on the usual methodology of the institute, that is to say “Carried out with our panel, where we went to look for a particular profession”, indicates Amandine Lama, customer director of the political and opinion department. In order to be as representative as possible, the sample surveyed was drawn up on the basis of the socio-demographic characteristics of the teaching population (number of women, men, teachers in the public or private sector, etc.), known and transmitted by national education.

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A method allowing a “Relatively low margin of error”, assures Amandine Lama, who adds that “ the advantage of a survey carried out by an institute is that it does not represent the hierarchy ”. The answers having been collected by Internet, “This also erases the social bias that can result from giving an answer to an investigator”. And all of them are anonymized when the results are returned.

“Very plausible” figures

At the time of the survey, 87% of teachers (public and private) surveyed had already received at least one dose of the vaccine. This is greater coverage than in the general population, where this percentage rises to 71.4%. In the eyes of Sophie Venétitay, general secretary of Snes-FSU, the result is “Quite plausible”. “From the start of the vaccination campaign, we asked to be part of the priority professions, she recalls. So as soon as it was enlarged, there was a real buy-in from the teachers. “

At a press conference, Jean-Michel Blanquer put an end to any debate around the profession’s vaccination obligation. “We much prefer to be in a situation with more than 90 or 95% of people vaccinated on a voluntary basis”, he clarified. In view of the survey results, the hypothesis seems realistic: 2% of respondents say they have made an appointment for a first dose and 1% say they have not yet been vaccinated but have to make an appointment.

Only 8% said they did not plan to get the vaccine. “It’s quite a bit, relativizes Sophie Venétitay. And the vaccination campaign continues, it can still convince some reluctant, especially if vaccination centers are installed near schools. “


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