How an anti-Elon Musk cryptocurrency wants to sack Tesla boss

Part of the crypto community declares war on Elon Musk. Faced with the weight of the boss of Tesla on the price of Bitcoin and the whole market, a new crypto has set itself the objective of personally threatening the American billionaire. Named StopElon and launched on May 15, it is now valued at over $ 60 million. First created under the evocative name of FuckElon, the price of its token has exploded since its launch, going from an initial value of 0.000001756 dollars to more than 1 dollar.

According to the website created for the occasion, the stated goal of the founders of StopElon is to “destroy the biggest manipulator on the market”, also qualified as “narcissistic billionaire”.

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“Elon Musk is infamous for having irresponsibly manipulated the cryptocurrency market with his Twitter account”, denounces the site, which accuses the American billionaire of “playing with people’s wallets like candy”.

On the way to Pluto

These accusations refer to the storm that recently hit the crypto market after Elon Musk’s statements. The latter then announced that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin as a means of payment due to its harmful impact on the environment. In the market, the news had led to a sharp fall in bitcoin, which had repercussions on all cryptocurrencies. On Wednesday, the cryptos had thus lost 40% of their value, before correcting the situation and limiting their losses to less than 20%.

Angered by these positions that they interpret as manipulations, the creators of StopElon have developed a roadmap to dethrone Elon Musk. Baptized “on the way to Pluto”, in reference to the key phrase of Elon Musk who proposed to send the Dogecoin “to the Moon”, it details four steps to be implemented, of which the last is nothing more nor less than to use the funds thus raised to become majority in the capital of Tesla and to take control of it.

To achieve this goal, they rely on the creation and support of a particularly active community, particularly through social networks. A Twitter account was launched, along with a Telegram loop and a Discord server. In the days and weeks to come, StopElon plans to be listed on more popular exchange platforms like Binance, Coinbase or Kraken.

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