How a law to develop the practice of sport modifies the missions of the board of directors

Companies and their representatives are appalled. A bill adopted on March 2, 2022 to develop the practice of sport in France has just modified a provision of the Commercial Code. And, in this case, the mission of the board of directors. The company’s supreme management body will now have to consider sporting and cultural issues when implementing its strategic orientations. And this, in the same way that it must integrate, since the Pacte law of 2019, social and environmental issues. No one saw fit to warn business leaders that this text on sport concerned them in the first place, or that this new law would come into force immediately.

Who had this idea? A senator from Isère, Didier Rambaud. “The drafting of the amendment that I proposed was motivated by reading a report from Public Health France which notes a period of less sports practice between 25 and 40 years”, he explained at the end of January during public debates in the Senate.

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