Hospital director and 7 medical staff suspected of Covid-19

Can ThoThe director of Can Tho City General Hospital and 7 doctors have tested positive for nCoV, related to the emergency shift of 3 Covid-19 patients.

According to a report by the Department of Health of Can Tho City, on the night of July 22, the Emergency Resuscitation Department, Can Tho City General Hospital received 3 emergency patients. In which, two suspected cases and one Covid-19 infection were transferred from the Can Tho Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital.

Two cases of severe respiratory failure were quickly performed by the team of intubation and emergency at the Covid-19 patient screening area of ​​the Emergency Department.

The timely emergency process of the team helped the patients overcome the danger. The patient continues to be treated for other health problems. Two suspected cases later had positive PCR test results for nCoV.

Realizing that the emergency operation of intubation in two severe cases has potential risk factors for medical staff exposure, hospital leaders requested disinfection at the screening area of ​​the Emergency Department. , the movement of the patient and the isolation of staff on duty in a separate area in the hospital. At the same time, conduct screening tests for these staff and other relevant medical staff.

On July 24-25, the PCR test results of the hospital staff identified 8 positive cases of nCoV, including Doctor Tran Quoc Luan – the director of the hospital. All 8 cases were vaccinated against Covid-19 from 1-2 doses. In which, 7 doctors and nurses are involved in emergency shifts and intubation for these patients. As for the director of the hospital, during this time, he came to supervise at the Emergency and Resuscitation Departments…

These cases have not been announced by the Ministry of Health, considered as suspected infections.

“These 8 cases are being isolated, treated at the hospital, their health is stable. PCR test results on the evening of July 26 showed that all were negative for nCoV,” a hospital leader said. It is not clear why two consecutive test results on two days are contradictory. Currently, 8 people continue to isolate, monitor and take samples for testing.

This person also said the results of screening tests on more than 250 cases of medical staff, patients and their family members at relevant departments such as: Emergency, Emergency Resuscitation, Internal Medicine, and Dialysis negative results.

The hospital is strictly controlling and restricting people entering and leaving these areas; while still receiving emergency cases and receiving treatment for severe Covid-19 cases.

Other departments continue to treat patients. Currently there are about 160 inpatients; discharge only stable cases (fast test negative for Covid-19).

Can Tho City General Hospital on July 27. Photo: Hung Loi

The hospital stopped accepting patients for examination, other mild disease cases were also suggested to be transferred to other hospitals.

Can Tho City General Hospital was built on an area of ​​more than 2.4 hectares, with a total investment of more than VND 850 billion, a scale of 700 beds, including 10 floors, a basement and a helipad. Terrace.

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