Hope to revive BlackBerry is off

More than a month after declaring “we are not dead”, OnwardMobility officially announced the cancellation of the plan to launch a 5G BlackBerry phone.

“Very sad to announce that OnwardMobility is shutting down and we are no longer developing a super secure smartphone with a physical keyboard.”a fledgling startup company based in Texas (USA) announced on its homepage on February 18.

BlackBerry phone stopped to send him 1

Since the BlackBerry Key 2 in 2018, no more smartphones under the “blackberry” brand have been released. Photo: Cnet.

The development team said this was a difficult decision for them. It was well thought out. “We share your disappointment with this news. This was not the outcome we expected,” the development team added.

Before that, on February 11, the news site Android Police and CrackBerry said OnwardMobility – the partner that reached an agreement with BlackBerry Ltd in 2020 to revive the “blackberry” smartphone – has lost the right to use this brand.

However, in the official statement, OnwardMobility did not explain why they stopped working and canceled the smartphone production plan.

This information once again extinguishes the hope of reviving the once-famous phone line. In early January, when BlackBerry announced it would stop providing service for its older devices, OnwardMobility promised an update on the BlackBerry 5G launch project. “Contrary to popular belief, we are not dead,” the startup said.

Before OnwardMobility received the license, Chinese manufacturer TCL was the closest to using the BlackBerry brand. The BlackBerry Key 2 smartphone was introduced by TCL in 2018, along with other devices running on Android. Since then, however, TCL has switched to its own branded mid-range phones.

In early January, BlackBerry announced that it would stop supporting phones and tablets running its own software from January 4, including BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier, BlackBerry 10, and BlackBerry PlayBook.

This means that devices running BlackBerry’s own software won’t be able to call, text, or connect to the telecom company, whether using Wi-Fi or a cellular data network. Users can’t even call emergency numbers. Meanwhile, BlackBerry devices running Android software will continue to function normally.

(According to Zing)

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