Honeyland, Soul, Ondine … Online movies to watch or not this week

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To have

Honeyland , documentary by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, 1h26

Nominated for the Oscar for best foreign film and for that of the documentary, grand prize at the Sundance Film Festival, this fresco follows the life of a “woman with bees”, who collects honey in a traditional way in Macedonia. The heroine sees a large family arrive in her village. The father also wants to collect the honey … A tragedy is playing out. Landscapes of immense beauty, careful photography, the directors offer a sort of Russian western. We come out shaken.

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD, FILMOTV, Univers Ciné and Arte Boutique from 4.99 euros

The New Mutants , horror film by Josh Boone, 1h33

At the heart of a Cheyenne legend, the demon bear has terrified Danielle “Dani” Moonstar from an early age. When a supernatural phenomenon destroys everything she has known, the teenager finds herself in a hospital for young mutants. In this prison-like establishment, Doctor Cecilia Reyes tries to help these individuals to master their power. But since Dani’s arrival, strange apparitions have been lurking in the corridors of the hospital. From the first images, The New Mutants reassures before getting stuck suddenly. The director of Our opposite stars struggles to find the right rhythm by forcing relations between the protagonists. With its small hour and a half, the countdown effect seems to weigh on this first half-hearted act. Conversely, when The New Mutants decides to speed up and dive into horror, the viewer’s attention is caught. Certain striking scenes feed into a story which finally takes its cruising speed. In a subtle way, The New Mutants manages to fill all the psychological boxes of the quintessential teen movie.

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>> Available on Orange and CanalVOD from 13.99 euros

You can see

Undine , romantic drama by Christian Petzold, 1h30

Christian Petzold’s strange and contemplative modern tale revisits the myth of the aquatic creature: condemned to be loved by men in order to live among them and to kill whoever betrays her before returning to the water. In today’s Berlin, Ondine (Paula Beer) is a city historian. When she is left by Johannes, her world falters. But his vindictiveness is stopped sharply by his dreamlike meeting, in the broken glass of an aquarium, with the shy and numb diver Christophe (Franz Rogowski). Paced by the exhaustive urban planning conferences of her heroine, Undine is paradoxically stingy in dialogue. Apart from an epilogue, rather abrupt and failed, which breaks the harmony. For the rest, Christian Petzold weaves a refined idyll all in silence, glances, wonder which professes nothing other than its childish purity.

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>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD, FILMOTV, Univers Ciné and Arte Boutique from 4.99 euros

Drunk , animated film by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers, 1h40

Joe Gardner, a black New York musician, does not have the success of his pianist father. When he lands a concert with the star quartet Dorothea Williams, to the chagrin of his mum who prefers job security to the life of an artist, he is unlucky to die falling into a manhole cover. When Joe returns to New York with the soul 22 (yes, that’s weird) and finds himself in the skin of a cat (weird too), the fantasy comedy gets to “jazz” a bit, gimmick that seems to mean that life is only worth living without sparks. But Docter, by dint of throwing leads, ends up not quite knowing which one to follow. Drunk tries to ward off two deeply human and uniquely American fears. The fear of failure and the fear of death, decidedly at the heart of most of the latest Pixars (Forward, Coco). Why not. But the means he uses to achieve this are only half convincing.

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>> Available on Disney +

Citizens of the world , dramatic comedy by Gianni Di Gregorio, 1h31

Retirement is long and expensive. This is what three Roman septuagenarians say to themselves, who are planning to go and spend their old days in the Azores without breaking the bank. This brave little film and not very nervous follows its characters lazy, shows a generous and good-natured country. Everyone is old, everyone is nice.

>> Available on CanalVOD, FILMOTV and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

To avoid

Eleonore , comedy by Amro Hamzawi, 1 h 25

A young woman (Nora Hamzawi) searches for her path. Influenced by those close to her, she becomes the assistant of a publisher specializing in erotic books. The quest for identity is highlighted and the characters don’t elicit much empathy.

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD, FILMOTV and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

Why not them

Life in a Year , romantic drama by Mitja Okorn, 1h47

Daryn, 17, learns that his girlfriend, Isabelle, has only one year to live.

>> Available on Orange and CanalVOD from 3.99 euros

Boutchou , comedy by Adrien Piquet-Gauthier, 1h18

Paul and Virginie have just had a baby boy. Happy to discover their new life as young parents, they did not imagine that their Boutchou would become the stake of a merciless fight between the grandparents … To gain the exclusivity of the little adored one, grandfathers and grandmothers are ready to implement any stratagems.

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD, FILMOTV and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

Sylvie’s Love , romantic drama by Eugene Ashe, 1h54

Late 1950s. New York. Sylvie meets the aspiring saxophonist, Robert. The latter is employed in the record store of his father’s father in Harlem. After a summer romance, the two lovebirds have to part ways. They reunite years later and find that the feelings they have for each other haven’t changed …

>> Available on Amazon Prime Video

After – Chapter 2 , romantic drama by Roger Kumble, 1h46

As Tessa and Hardin try to pick up the pieces of their relationship, new obstacles stand in the way of their love affair and new secrets are revealed. But all this is nothing compared to the arrival of the beautiful Trevor in the life of Tessa, who will be wrath of Hardin, aware of the threat that this new suitor represents.

>> Available on Amazon Prime Video

Elsewhere , animated film by Gints Zilbalodis, 1h14

A young boy wakes up hanging from a tree after a plane crash. In the distance a large threatening form approaches him. To escape her, he takes refuge at the entrance of a cave where the strange form cannot follow him. In this cave, the young man finds a map and a motorbike which push him to take the road to try to reach, on the other side of the island, the port and civilization.

>> Available on CanalVOD and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

We are the heroes , action film by Robert Rodriguez, 1h40

When alien invaders kidnap our planet’s superheroes, their children must unite and learn to function as a team to save their parents and the world.

>> Available on Netflix

Death to 2020 , comedy documentary by Al Campbell and Alice Mathias, 1h00

Death to 2020 is a satire that traces this year. Tour like a documentary, Death to 2020 mixes the testimonies of (fictitious) world famous personalities with archival images of the last twelve months.

>> Available on Netflix


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