Holiday 2/9, visit famous landmarks at home thanks to AR . technology

(Dan Tri) – Do you feel regret because this year’s 2/9 holiday can’t travel because of the epidemic? The following article will help you travel at home right on your smartphone thanks to AR technology.

The epidemic broke out, many localities had to social distance… making it impossible to travel on National Day on September 2. If you feel bored because you have to stay at home to avoid the epidemic, you can still visit famous landmarks through augmented reality technology (Augmented Reality), thanks to the Google Arts & Culture app.

Google Arts & Culture is an application designed by Google for people who love culture and art, want to learn about works of art in the world as well as stay up to date with news and trends in culture and art.

In addition to helping users learn about works of art, artists or cultures around the globe, Google Art & Culture also features a feature that allows users to explore cultural and historical places. History is famous for its AR technology, giving users an experience as if they were actually in the place, with the ability to change perspective and unique 3D look on smartphones.

Visit the famous Nine Dome mosque right from your smartphone thanks to AR:

The application has both versions for Android and iOS, users can find and download Google Arts & Culture from the CH Play app store or the App Store.

After installing and activating the Google Arts & Culture application, the main interface of the application will have English language. You can click the “Translate with Google” button to translate the content on the app into Vietnamese.

Google Arts & Culture is an application with the purpose of allowing users to discover and learn about works of art from museums and famous landmarks around the world, so on the interface of the application will List of beautiful works of art, information about the arts in the world. Users can get a bird’s-eye view of museums and famous landmarks right on the screen of their mobile device, so you can explore places you’ve never been before.

To use the function of discovering landmarks or works of art using AR technology, from the main interface of the application, click on the search icon in the upper right corner, then search with the phrase ” Meet our ancestors”.

At the next interface that appears, scroll down and find the “Closed to the public, open in AR” section, then click the “Take a walk on the wild side” button.

To use this function, you must press the “Allow” button to give the app permission to use the camera and microphone functions on the smartphone to display the AR (augmented reality) interface.

Holiday 2/9, visit famous landmarks at home thanks to AR technology - 2

The next step is to point your smartphone’s camera on a wide, flat surface, possibly the floor, so that the app can rely on this surface and build a 3D model of the structure you want to visit. .

In the “Download to view” section below, the application will provide a list of architectural works for users to download and visit on the application using AR technology, including famous buildings such as caves and caves. Chauvet (a cave in France with more than 1,000 unique paintings of prehistoric people), the famous Nine Dome mosque (Bangladesh), the works of talented painter Johannes Vermeer or the famous Getty Art Museum ( USA)… you can click on one of these works to download it to your smartphone.

For example, here you are an art lover, you can select and press the Download button to download “Meet Vermeer” to download to the gallery of the artist Johannes Vermeer.

Note: in case using a Wi-Fi network connection causes slow data download speeds, you can switch to using 4G mobile networks to download these structures to view on your device as 3D.

After the download is finished, point your smartphone’s camera on a flat surface, then click on the structure you just downloaded and then select “Enter”, the application will immediately generate a 3D model. right on your main interface.

Holiday 2/9, visit famous landmarks at home thanks to AR technology - 3

Now, you can hold your smartphone and rotate it in any direction you want, the interface of the application will also change the viewing angle according to the direction of your smartphone rotation. You can use your hand to swipe on the smartphone screen to change the viewing angle, swipe to change the direction of movement… so you can explore places right on the app, as if you were visiting a place. that really.

Experience artist Johannes Vermeer’s gallery on smartphones thanks to AR:

With the help of the Google Arts & Culture app, users can visit famous landmarks using AR technology right at their home. In the future, it is likely that Google will continue to add new places, famous architectural and cultural works to its application so that users can explore through Google Arts & Culture using technology. AR.

Visit the gallery with famous paintings thanks to AR technology:

In addition to discovering landmarks, Google Arts & Culture also allows users to discover works of art, learn about cultures around the world, help expand their own knowledge, and also A way to relax during social distancing days.

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