Ho Chi Minh City’s new Covid-19 treatment model

According to Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health Nguyen Huu Hung, the adjustment of the treatment model from 5 floors to 3 floors is to match F0’s disease condition which is increasing day by day, ensuring the right spirit of the direction of F0. Ministry of Health.

The information was announced by Mr. Hung at a press conference on the prevention of Covid-19, on the afternoon of August 16. The meeting took place in the context of Ho Chi Minh City entering the 39th day of social distancing under Directive 16 and recording more than 149,200 infections from the fourth outbreak. The city has just announced a 30-day Covid-19 prevention plan to control the epidemic before September 15, according to Resolution 86 of the Government. In particular, the city adjusted the treatment model from 5 floors to 3 floors.

Regarding the reason for changing the treatment model, Mr. Hung said that in the past, Ho Chi Minh City still stratified Covid-19 treatment in compliance with the direction of the Ministry of Health (3 floors) rather than adding more floors (to 5 floors). according to a different model. The city calls it a model 3 floors 5 layers for the treatment of mild, moderate and severe cases. This is to focus resources, medical staff, equipment to meet the severity of the patient, as well as with the right number of floors.

“But so far, to match the situation, the city will redistribute the floors for clarity, ensuring the spirit of the Ministry of Health,” Mr. Hung said.

Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health Nguyen Huu Hung at the press conference. Photo: Huu Cong

Whereby, 1st floor currently has 18,120 F0 asymptomatic, or mild, being isolated and treated at home; 153 isolation facilities are concentrated in districts with a total of 23,898 beds. The city will deploy a combined health care package to ensure the well-being of F0 at home.

2nd Floor is responsible for receiving and accepting emergency cases, treating F0 with moderate to severe symptoms, with or without underlying disease.

This floor has 74 Covid-19 treatment hospitals with a total of 49,392 beds, including: 24 field hospitals (15 city-level hospitals and 8 district-level hospitals); 41 general and specialized hospitals of the city; 9 central hospitals.

Floor 3 specializes in intensive resuscitation, treating severe and critical F0 with a total of 3,883 beds. This floor includes 8 last-line hospitals of the city and of the Ministry of Health: Tropical Diseases, Cho Ray, Military Medicine 175 and 5 national resuscitation centers.

Regarding the treatment of Covid-19 patients Previously, Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee Duong Anh Duc said that from August 16, the city piloted F0 treatment at home with a safety bag, in order to treat F0 effectively. People who take care of their own health at home will receive maximum support from the local health department, thereby reducing pressure on the health sector, concentrating resources on treating severe and very severe cases.

The city has directed the Department of Health to guide the home health care package for F0. This has a very important role, creating psychological comfort for the patient, timely treatment when signs of serious change, will reduce the number of deaths. If you do the above things well, maybe 70-80% of F0 patients will recover well in a short time.

“In the past time, there have been many cases of F0 treated at home who were used drugs according to instructions, well advised by medical staff … fully recovered, after a week, the results were negative.” Duc said.

Huu Cong


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