Ho Chi Minh City: Shipper must wear a name plate, have a QR code to identify

Jul 26, 2021 18:51 GMT+7

The amount of shipper businesses must be reduced by 10%, must have a dark blue background wristband, a 20cm high strap size, printed with the word “Shipper” in white to be eligible to operate and only transport essential goods.

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has just issued an urgent dispatch on strengthening the management of motorcycle operations, applying technology to transport essential goods, while the city implements social distancing in the spirit of Directive 16. .

Accordingly, from July 26, the city only allows shipper services to transport essential goods and ensure epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with operating regulations during the implementation of the distance.

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City requires shipper service providers to actively coordinate with relevant authorities to adjust and supplement solutions to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic according to regulations, and manage and inspect activities of shippers.

Shippers must have name plates and QR codes for identification. Illustration: Tintn

Accordingly, units must review their delivery staff and make adjustments to reduce the number of employees by 10% compared to before the implementation of Directive No. 12 on July 22 of the City Standing Committee. commission.

The city also requires units to immediately deploy the job of making a hard tag name plate with the company’s image and confirmation for each shipper and apply shipper identification technology through QR Code (displaying full information about shipper; vehicle; company address, shipper’s place of residence, delivery; orderer; route of essential goods; details of essential goods transported…).

Made with dark blue background, strap size is 20cm high, printed with the word “Shipper” in white. These additional identification measures are implemented with uniforms, business logos, passports, etc. as before.

“Units deploying activities for shipper services need to organize activities by region to facilitate management, as well as prevent the risk of disease spread. Each shipper can only operate in 1 district, district, Thu Duc city., the text states.

For units that are not managed by technology application (delivery staff of supermarkets, etc.), service providers shall manage according to the above-required measures and collect list of registrations. The shipper book is sent to the Department of Industry and Trade for confirmation. At the same time, actively coordinate with health agencies to organize periodic rapid testing for the unit’s shipper team (recommended to perform periodic testing every 7 days).

In the latest document, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City also requires the units to regularly remind the shipper team to strictly follow the epidemic prevention and control measures in the process of participating in traffic as well as delivering goods; At the same time, equip the shipper with disinfectant spray to disinfect during the delivery of goods.

Periodically every day, register the list of shipper teams and operating areas to the Department of Industry and Trade and the Department of Transport to synthesize into common data of management agencies and serve to look up and receive present the shipper when needed. At the same time, disclose information about the hotline phone number of the unit so that the functional forces can coordinate, support, check and verify handling when necessary.

Take joint responsibility in case the unit’s delivery staff violates the purpose of transportation and does not meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control as prescribed during operation.

The City People’s Committee also assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant agencies and units to notify and request shipper service providers operating in the area to strictly follow the direction of the City People’s Committee. city; summarizing daily reports of shipper service providers; coordinate with the Department of Transport to regularly monitor and work with shipper service providers to strictly control the number of shippers participating in transporting essential goods in accordance with safe conditions for prevention and control. Covid-19 pandemic.

Duy Vu

Hanoi bans technology shippers from operating, will handle if violated

Hanoi bans technology shippers from operating, will handle if violated

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