Ho Chi Minh City prepares Omicron mutation response scenario

The field hospital No. 12, located in Thu Duc City, is dedicated to collecting and treating F0 infected with the Omicron variant, although no cases have been recorded yet.

The 12 field hospital is vacant, in case the city appears infected with mutant Omicrons. This hospital is located in the old district 2 (apartment block, Lot R5, 38.4 ha resettlement area, An Khanh ward, Thu Duc city), Chief of Office of the Department of Health Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai said at a regular press conference. information on the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, on the afternoon of December 6.

Accordingly, isolated buildings in the hospital will be convenient to classify and screen each group of subjects, such as those suspected of having the disease and those who are positive, in order to take timely treatment measures, thereby controlling the treatment. Omicron strain spread to other hospitals and areas in the city. Doctors and nurses will be dispatched here depending on how specifically the new strain of F0 infection increases.

Mai said that the Department of Health, in collaboration with the City Command and the City Police, is building a “medical posture” for coordinated combat, remote identification, and rapid epidemic suppression.

Nguyen Hong Tam, deputy director in charge of the City Center for Disease Control (HCDC), said: “Currently, Ho Chi Minh City has not recorded a new case of Covid-19 infection with Omicron.” However, this variant has a transmission rate 5 times higher than other Covid-19 strains. First discovered in South Africa, so far, nearly 30 countries, Southeast Asia including Singapore and Thailand, have recorded the appearance of Omicron. Therefore, according to Mr. Tam, HCDC advised the Department of Health to scenario dealing with new strains.

Specifically, first solution is to tighten borders, airports, seaports, prevent Omicron from entering. Those who officially enter the city from Tan Son Nhat airport, Saigon port, if they have had two doses of the vaccine, and are negative for Covid-19 will have to quarantine for full 14 days (including 7 days of concentrated isolation, 7 days of home isolation). They are only released from quarantine when the test continues to be negative. People entering through Saigon port, if they do not disembark, will have to be completely isolated at the ship until the ship leaves.

People on entry can take samples for testing from the first day of concentrated isolation. These samples, if positive, will be sequenced to see if they are infected with the Omicron variant.

People from Cambodia entering via land in Tay Ninh, Long An or from the northern border illegally entering Ho Chi Minh City will be checked, monitored, monitored, and taken to quarantine by health care and police. opposite to; viral gene sequencing.

To control the domestic epidemic, the health sector deployed the third dose of vaccine for two groups, including additional injections for immunocompromised people and people with underlying diseases on the 28th day after the second injection; booster injection after 6 months for people who have had two full injections.

In addition, the city has strengthened its forces for mobile medical stations, fixed medical stations, and medical centers to be ready to cope with the rapidly increasing F0 situation caused by the old Delta strain or the new strain. Currently, in addition to 310 fixed medical stations, Ho Chi Minh City has set up 382 mobile medical stations, of which 168 are in charge of military medical stations, 214 are in charge of the city.

The Chief of Office of the Department of Health added that up to now, Ho Chi Minh City has dissolved 8 field hospitals, collecting and treating Covid-19. The remaining 13 field hospitals will not be dissolved according to the set schedule, but will continue to operate. The Department of Health will restructure the eligible hospitals into a 3-storey field, meeting the treatment needs of all three groups of mild, moderate and severe patients in all situations. The Department has written instructions for hospitals to prepare in advance on personnel allocation and logistics to respond to the epidemic situation according to the scenario.

Ho Chi Minh City has maintained epidemic level 2 – yellow, medium risk for many weeks. As of December 5, Ho Chi Minh City recorded nearly 479,000 cases of Covid-19, announced by the Ministry of Health. More than 13,000 F0 are being treated, of which 431 critically ill patients are on mechanical ventilation, 14 require ECMO (extracorporeal circulatory system) intervention. During the day 958 patients were hospitalized, 927 cases were discharged and 94 deaths.

A total of more than 7.9 million people have received one dose of the vaccine and more than 6.8 million people have received two doses of the vaccine.

Medical staff at a field hospital converted from a resettlement apartment complex in Ho Chi Minh City, July. Photo: Huu Khoa

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