Ho Chi Minh City expanded quarantine requirements

On the evening of May 1, HCDC announced a 14-day gathering of people from Hoang Cac and Nai Khe villages, Tien Tien commune, Phu Cu district, Hung Yen province.

As such, HCMC is currently quarantining people from the three villages of Tien Tien commune in Hung Yen, including the village Hoang Xa in the previous announcement. The city will monitor people leaving these locations from April 29.

Ho Chi Minh City is also applying concentrated isolation, testing nCoV for people leaving Dao Ly commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province from April 22. These are areas undergoing medical blockade and isolation under Directive 16.

For people from the Trung area, Viet Hung commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi, the city applies the test sample, isolate at home within 14 days from 22/4. This place had a case during monitoring.

The cases in these localities have all involved “patient 2899”, a man returned from Japan. To date, the country has recorded 15 cases of infection from this patient.

Ho Chi Minh City also noted a related case as “patient 2910”. 33 F1, 74 F2 of this patient, the morning of 1/5, test result was negative for the first time with nCoV.

From April 30, the city takes samples for random monitoring and monitoring of risk areas such as hospitals, tourist areas, markets, cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, restaurants, transportation services. , manufacturing area…

HCDC recommends that people limit going to public places, crowded places when not needed. Raise vigilance, always comply with disease prevention according to the 5K message. When there are signs of respiratory disease, it is necessary to see medical facilities.

Passenger at Saigon station in February 2021. Image: Quynh Tran.

Le Phuong