Ho Chi Minh City applies 3 technology solutions to monitor isolation at home

The Department of Information and Communications (TT&TT) of Ho Chi Minh City has just proposed 3 technological solutions in managing and monitoring home isolation to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

Following the direction of the Ho Chi Minh City Steering Committee for Covdi-19 Prevention and Control on enhancing the application of information technology in epidemic prevention and control, the Department of Information and Communications has proposed to the City People’s Committee about technology application solutions. information in management and monitoring of home isolation.

Accordingly, the Department of Information and Communications proposes 3 technological solutions that can be applied in the management and monitoring of people isolated at home in the city.

Specifically, The first solution is the VHD . system(Vietnam Health Declaration) provided by Viettel Military Telecommunications Group. This is the solution chosen by the Ministry of Health to pilot “medical isolation to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic for immigrants”. This system uses only smart mobile phones.

The monitoring bracelet will be piloted in isolation monitoring in Ho Chi Minh City – Photo: SGGP

According to regulations, people before entering the country must prepare documents, install VHD and Bluezone applications (always turn on bluetooth and GPS), and make a medical declaration. Register for centralized medical isolation hotel, register for isolation point, home medical supervision, electronic medical declaration at VHD; Prepare documents certifying testing, full dose of vaccine / cured.

At the border gate, everyone must make a medical declaration, undergo medical quarantine, receive a SIM/bracelet, and transfer to the car to move to the isolation facility.

The 2nd solution is STAYHOME proposed by Ho Chi Minh City Informatics Association. Products are provided by TMA Solutions and Quang Trung Software Park Development Company provides infrastructure support. Devices used include cell phones and bracelets. The bracelet will have enhanced temperature monitoring and measurement functions. The City Computer Association offers 1,000 free bracelets (equivalent to $25,000) when applying this solution.

The third solution is HCMCovidSafe proposed by Tech4Covid group (Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, University of Information Technology, …) The device used is a bracelet with integrated phone SIM.

Among these three solutions, the Department of Information and Communications proposed to choose the main solution for implementation, which is the VHD solution of Viettel Group, because this is the solution selected for pilot by the Ministry of Health. This solution has the advantage of overall management, integrating many other functions such as medical declaration, entry management, medical reflection…

At the same time, strengthen the two solutions of STAYHOME and HCMCovidSafe to improve the efficiency of isolation monitoring in appropriate localities.

The pilot implementation period is divided into two phases. In particular, the pilot phase from July 2021 will be applied in District 7, Go Vap District, District 12, Tan Binh District, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. Phase 2 from August 2021 will be widely deployed in all districts and Thu Duc city.

Ho Van

Speech by Minister Nguyen Manh Hung on Covid-19 prevention in Ho Chi Minh City

Speech by Minister Nguyen Manh Hung on Covid-19 prevention in Ho Chi Minh City

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung said that the Covid-19 pandemic is a hundred-year push for digital transformation, a few months of Covid sometimes equal to 5, 10 years.


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