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The immune system of HIV-infected people is weak, susceptible to respiratory infections when infected with Covid-19, need to maintain treatment drugs combined with Covid-19 symptom management.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), world health experts are still studying and learning more about the risk of Covid-19 in people with HIV. Some evidence suggests that people with HIV have a higher risk of severe illness and death from Covid-19 than the general population. However, HIV appears to pose less of a threat than other health conditions such as: obesity, diabetes, severe asthma, respiratory disease, heart disease, liver disease, stroke, dementia or old age.

Due to a weak immune system, people with HIV who contract Covid-19 are more susceptible to respiratory infections, especially if the current disease is not well treated. Therefore, if the patient feels unwell, has a dry cough, has a fever and (or) loses or changes the sense of smell, taste, it is necessary to immediately call a medical staff to test positive for Covid-19 or not. and be guided on how to care and treat at home. Patients need to continue taking their HIV medications as prescribed, to help their immune systems increase their ability to fight the virus.

People with HIV who have Covid-19 are more susceptible to respiratory infections. Photo: Chathamvoice

If the patient has been diagnosed with HIV but is not currently taking medication, it is necessary to share it with the medical staff, doctors and specialists. Besides, because the risk of getting worse with Covid-19 is higher for people with HIV than the general population, it is important to note:

– Stock up on antiretroviral medication or any other medication that the patient needs, at least 30 days, ideally 3 months.
– Make sure that the necessary vaccines are still fully vaccinated, such as flu and pneumonia vaccines.
– Know how to contact the healthcare facility when there is a problem.
– Need to eat enough, science and exercise, move regularly.
– Take care of mental health and seek support when needed.

For people who become seriously ill with Covid-19, they need to be hospitalized immediately. Patients also need to talk to their treating doctor about their HIV infection and the medications they are taking.

In addition, the Covid-19 vaccine is currently used for both people with HIV and is quite safe. Vaccination will help protect patients from severe disease and reduce mortality. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone, especially those with underlying medical conditions, get a booster shot when possible.

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