Hippocrate on Canal +: a neat medical series and model worked on the line

CRITICAL – Scientific rigor, dramaturgy under adrenaline, worked characters… For the second season of his series, Thomas Lilti shows with realism the daily life of degraded medicine.

When it appeared on our screens in November 2018, Hippocrates had overwhelmed us by its realism without the slightest hint of glamor, its surgical precision, its visceral strength, which revealed the difficulties of the French healthcare system and the priesthood of caregivers. Oracle of the coming thunderstorms, the series opened with a tropical virus that forced those in charge of the internal medicine department to quarantine themselves and leave the reins to their interns, Chloe, Alyson, Hugo and Arben. Science fiction, we imagined, naive at the time!

This second season was perhaps long overdue, but it does not make a quarter. Narratively. Psychologically. Thomas Lilti, assisted by his co-scriptwriters Anaïs Carpita and Claude Le Pape, exercises a powerful and devastating gift of pythia and parable. These eight episodes are focused on a few days of February 2020, in the midst of a cold snap. The unity of time and place – the hospital – grabs such 24 Hours chrono and immerse in the cadences

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