Him: Guillaume Canet unveils the trailer for his new film

Shot in four weeks in Belle Île in Morbihan, the director’s seventh feature film will be released in cinemas on October 27.

Piercing phone calls, out of tune piano, couple problems … Guillaume Canet’s latest film clearly breaks with the warm atmosphere of the Small Handkerchiefs. The only thing in common is the idyllic setting of the filming, in Belle île (Morbihan), where houses with blue shutters, the sound of the waves and the cliffs caressed by the wind coexist. The trailer for Him was unveiled Monday, September 13 on her Instagram account. Instant immersion in the troubled daily life of a musician in search (in vain) of serenity.

The trailer confirms the gloomy atmosphere of the synopsis, unveiled at the end of August. “A composer in search of inspiration, who has just left wife and children, thinks of finding refuge in an old house on the side of a cliff, on a deserted Breton island. In this strange and isolated place, he will only find an out of tune piano and visitors determined not to leave him alone.If he is a director, Guillaume Canet also plays the main role.

Virginie Efira, Laëtitia Casta, Mathieu Kassovitz in the casting

Another break with its previous productions, the cast deviates from the regulars Jean Dujardin, François Cluzet, Gilles Lellouche or his wife Marion Cotillard. For Him, Virginie Efira and Laëtitia Casta respectively embody the composer’s wife and mistress. Other actors to give him the answer: Mathieu Kassovitz in the role of the best friend, Nathalie Baye and Patrick Chesnais for that of the parents.

We do not yet know how successful the film will be, but the poster did not go unnoticed. We see a Guillaume Canet in the effigy of a god Janus, with the name mentioned three times for the production, the screenplay and the casting. The irony has not failed to emerge on social networks: “He is lucky that personal pronouns exist, otherwise he was condemned to give as a title: Guillaume Canet”, “I am disgusted. He didn’t even make the music“, “At ‘megalomania’ in the dictionary we find a photo of Guillaume Canet”. Without appearing to be, promoting Him is practically done.

2021 was prolific for Guillaume Canet. The shooting of the last Asterix and Obelix concluded in early August after 17 weeks of filming. Expected for 2022, Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom is the biggest production shot in France this year, with an estimated budget of 65 million euros.


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