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High school students and students critical of Parcoursup

While high school students have entered the admission phase of Parcoursup since Thursday, June 2, a survey has further tarnished the image of the platform which is not unanimous. Several candidates for the presidential election had also asked for its removal.

According to the fourth barometer of confidence in the future of 15–20-year-olds by l’Étudiant and BVA on guidance, only three out of ten young people consider that Parcoursup provides fair access to higher education.

This year, the high school and university students surveyed are much more critical of the platform compared to the previous edition: 66% find it accessible (compared to 81% in 2021) and 63% believe that it provides useful information for their orientation (compared to 76%). A minority, 44%, find it useful (-18 points), 38% intuitive (-10 points) and 33% able to answer their questions (-11 points). Despite the detailed sheets for each course, only 54% of young people consider that Parcoursup is easy to use and 44% that it is effective.

Terminale students are generally more satisfied than students: 78% of high school students say that the platform is accessible (compared to 60% of students) and 79% that it provides useful information (compared to 56% of students).

Among bac +2, on the other hand, only 46% of students find that the orientation platform is easy to use and 27% that it answers their questions. The latter are more critical because they have experienced the system to the end, note the authors of the survey. Among the students surveyed, only 51% received a favorable response from Parcoursup to their priority wishes.


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