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High school, how to choose your specialties?

This is the puzzle of the moment for the second students. These high school students are invited to gradually choose, between now and the third quarter, the three specialty courses they will follow next year, up to four hours per week, in addition to the common core. They will then have to – this task is now imposed on their elders, already in first year – to retain only two, which they will pass in the final tests, as part of the new bac.

→ READ. Sport will be part of the specialty courses at the baccalaureate

Admittedly, no high school offers all the specialties (at the start of the next school year, teaching around sport will be added to the twelve pre-existing ones). And in the same “chest”, it is not always possible, for reasons of resources, to opt for a combination that is too rare. But the choice is wide enough for the student to be confronted with dozens of possible “triplets”. There are infinitely more “triplets”, therefore, than the general pathways which disappeared after the 2020 session of the bac.

“Choose specialties in which we have facilities”

Commendable, this high school decoration now makes personalized courses possible. But this great freedom leaves more than one helpless. Do we win, even if we do not have a scientific background, by combining maths, physics-chemistry and SVT to recompose the famous S sector which was supposed to open up “all the doors” until now? Or should you rather let your desires speak for themselves?

“Better to choose specialties in which we have facilities, for which we have an appetite, advances Franck Antraccoli, principal in Nantes and secretary general of the Independence and Management union. Because we do best what we like. “

Nevertheless, some questions deserve to be explored. Like math, absent from the common core. To choose them as a specialty is to submit to “A demanding program, close to that of the former first S”, emphasizes Franck Antraccoli. Not choosing them amounts to ignoring this discipline until the end of high school.

Which specialties for which higher education?

However, before choosing, it is important to look beyond the baccalaureate, if not in professional life, at least in higher education, which now – even at the university, in the most requested licenses – selects according to ‘”Expected”. A tour of the Parcoursup platform (1) helps to identify these prerequisites, course by course.

Aimed at high school students, the magazine Phosphorus in its January issue, interviewed higher education officials to find out which high school specialties best prepared for their respective training. The tendency is to seek candidates with more varied profiles, including in certain “faculties” of medicine. “But it is still too early to know whether higher education establishments will really play the game of reform or whether they will continue to apply the old criteria”, shade Franck Antraccoli.

In the meantime, high school students can also go to the site, offered by Onisep. You can test as many combinations of specialties as you want and find out to what extent each “triplet” prepares for the different areas of training.


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