Hieu PC: ‘Hackers will increase targeted attacks on organizations and businesses’

Commenting on the trend of cyber attacks, cybersecurity expert Ngo Minh Hieu (Hieu PC) believes that hackers will increase targeted cyber attacks, spread malicious code, steal data to target organizations, enterprise.

Trends of spreading malicious code, stealing data

According to statistics from the technical system of the National Cyber ​​Security Supervision Center (NCSC) in the first six months of 2021, there are 66 websites set up to impersonate agencies and organizations in two banking sectors. , finance and electricity for the purpose of defrauding Vietnamese users.

Sharing with Vietnamnet, cybersecurity expert Ngo Minh Hieu (Hieu PC) said that it is no longer simply exploiting common vulnerabilities and sabotage, but the clear goal is to target businesses, financial institutions, computer systems of banks, e-commerce floors.

Cybersecurity expert Ngo Minh Hieu

“Hackers can take advantage of systems for industrial espionage, intellectual property theft, IP leaks or even production sabotage. The seriousness of data leakage is increasing, in addition to bad and malicious information and tricks to cheat, appropriate property, gamble, virtual currency or do illegal business in cyberspace.”Mr. Ngo Minh Hieu said.

Commenting on the trend of cyber attacks in the coming years, Mr. Hieu said that hackers will increase targeted cyber attacks, spread malicious code, steal data to target important information systems, especially organizations and businesses.

“Hacker groups are gradually shifting their attack goals from financial to political, stealing confidential documents of organizations and businesses… in addition to the purpose of extortion, they also exploit information to profit for financial gain. huge, far-reaching influence”cybersecurity expert Ngo Minh Hieu added about the reasons for the trend of cyber attacks in the coming years.

Cybersecurity is not the biggest concern of businesses

In the context of IT development, many businesses actively grasp new technologies to serve their business but have not yet paid attention to the problem. securitynetwork security.

Mr. Nguyen Son Thuy, CEO of Indochina Unique Tourist shared with Vietnamnet that this business still poses the problem of hackers destroying the company’s website, but network security is not the most concern.

“We mainly store data on the company’s server system, so network security is not a concern for our company. I have not seen it affect the work or the brand of the company.”said Mr. Thuy.

CEO Nguyen Son Thuy also shared more about how he recently carried out a research project on digital transformation at travel agencies in the Central region. A survey of nearly 100 small and medium-sized tour operators showed that businesses consider the risk of network security not as serious, but the biggest barrier is the difficulty in initial costs and application. digital technology.

“It is possible that these businesses have not yet interacted with large online customers, or if there are problems, they can be resolved well. With our own company, in the near future, there will be an online tour platform, building big data with customers, so we are quite worried about security. But currently, the risk cannot be fully assessed because we are still running a test of a new online tour and a new form of organization, so we do not know the reality of the online world as well as security and cyber security.”Mr. Thuy shared.

From another perspective, Mr. Le Hoang Thach, CEO of WeWe Technology JSC, said that security and network security are very important for startups, especially those specializing in content. When stolen data has a huge impact on business, it is tantamount to stealing a company’s flagship product.

According to this young startup, with tangible physical products, if stolen, they can be sold in limited quantities. But with technology and content products, the redistribution is countless times, almost impossible to overcome, facing many difficulties due to the very fast speed of spreading on the Internet.

“I am quite concerned about network security because operating in the content business, the risk of data leakage is very large, when the content data is exposed, it will cause damage to the units. In addition, due to the specificity of the business field, system security and content security are extremely important to avoid hackers from entering the system, attaching misleading, illegal, and contrary to fine traditions to the websites. products, affecting users”Mr. Le Hoang Thach emphasized.

According to Mr. Le Hoang Thach, individuals and businesses need to pay attention to privacy and data sharing, be careful with strange links, websites, emails or mobile applications that require sensitive information.

“For businesses, we have our own team of engineers and do not hire outside technicians, applying the latest security technologies to ensure network safety, content security and system security, avoiding affect the business of the company”Mr. Thach said.

Thus, in order to avoid the risk of network insecurity, organizations and businesses need to make quick changes and effective response measures, focusing on protecting information security more than before. , especially with some sophisticated phishing attacks.

“Not using unlicensed software that is not regularly updated leads to a constantly unprotected computer, especially when companies now allow employees to use personal devices to handle work. . Enterprise organizations providing services to end users need to have measures to protect and prevent attacks for both businesses and users.”added Mr. Ngo Minh Hieu, a cybersecurity expert.

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