Helping businesses to speed up sales in the year-end sale season

“End year – Tet comes” is the period when businesses sprint to meet the needs of consumers. Understanding this, Bizfly provides sales support solutions with great promotions, helping businesses attract customers and improve sales.

Despite a difficult year due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, consumers’ demand for shopping at the end of the year still showed good signs of growth.

For businesses and business units, the exciting year-end promotion season is an opportunity to regain your spirits after 2 stagnant quarters, race with a series of promotions and ready to receive a “wave” of customers. goods pouring in – especially from online shopping.

In order to help businesses conveniently deploy cost-effective stimulus programs – minimalistic processes – maximum efficiency, Bizfly has launched solution combos and savings incentive packages.

Solving big problems of businesses about Chatbot, Landing Page and Website tools, Bizfly helps businesses run year-end promotions, fast closing, and booming sales with:

Bizfly Chatbot – The leading smart virtual assistant

Bizfly Chatbot software helps businesses protect customer information by automatically hiding comments and replying to comments on all posts immediately; Helping to answer customers according to the scenario immediately, helping to increase the ability to close the application, not miss, so that customers have to wait, leave to buy other parties. Stimulate customers to buy continuously continuously by creating Coupon codes with many types of codes, many types of promotions.

In addition, Chatbot also automatically tags customer classification, stores chat history to easily filter information.

Webfly – Professional Web design solution in 5 minutes

Webfly helps website increase ranking when searching on Google, helping businesses increase the number of visitors; Optimizing web experience on mobile with fast page loading speed, impressive interface keeps customers.

Webfly also helps secure data for businesses, eliminates worries about web hacking, web crashing, and information loss.

Bizfly Landing Page – Increase advertising effectiveness

Bizfly Landing Page is designed by experienced experts in ADS, SEO, UI, UX from VCCorp from AZ, words to images. Professional landing page interface, optional domain name to help optimize running data continuously.

Bizfly Landing Page helps to load pages fast, reasonably structured to help reduce guest bounce rate; Easily edit content, optimize CTAs (Call to Action).

All are individually designed by Bizfly into “Solution Combo” packages to help businesses boost sales with attractive promotions up to more than 60% of the original price.

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