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Heavy rains and floods caused havoc in Durban, more than 306 people died

Johannesburg: In South Africa, at least 306 people have died in heavy rains and floods in the city of Durban and in eastern KwaZulu-Natal province. It is forecast to continue with the storm in the coming days. Officials said Thursday that the death toll was expected to rise as several families were missing.

Due to incessant rains, there is a state of tragedy in the province, houses are collapsing, many buildings have also been damaged. Ithaquini Mayor Mackylosi Kunda said Thursday that damage was estimated at around $52 million in Durban and the surrounding Ithaquini metropolitan area.

Floodwaters have entered at least 120 schools, estimated to cause more than $26 million in damage, and the administration has temporarily closed schools in the province for these reasons.

18 students and one teacher killed
Education Minister Angie Moshega said at least 18 students and one teacher from different schools were killed in the floods. He said in a statement today, ‘‘This is a tragedy and a terrible loss has been caused by it. It is a matter of concern that the rains are likely to continue and the situation in the already affected areas is likely to worsen.’’

According to media reports in South Africa, police used stenagan to disperse protesters in Durban’s Reservoir Hills over lack of administrative support.

For assistance in relief and operations ‘South African National Defense Force’ Posted to.

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