Health: the ravages of professional mental workload


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Have confinement and teleworking increased the mental burden, especially that of women? This is according to a study published on Tuesday, June 22. Journalist Anne-Claire Le Sann explains this phenomenon on the 12/13 set.

The professional mental burden does not weigh on all executives in the same way. Women feel more pressure with an index of 5 out of 10, compared to 4.5 for men. On the other hand, for mothers who have to take care of children and homework more than men, this figure is even higher.

How does this professional mental load translate? “The level of stress felt at work, for example, certain criteria must act as alarm signals for executives who are subjected to them”, explains journalist Anne-Claire Le Sann. These symptoms are difficulty falling asleep, or an impact on libido. 18% of women admit to thinking about their work while making love against 14% of men. Finally, there is the impression of not getting by at work: almost half of women with children feel it.

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