Health restrictions in Vietnam penalize coffee supply

After the snow in Brazil, the pandemic is once again disrupting the global coffee supply. New health restrictions in Vietnam, the world’s second largest exporter, to stem the spread of the virus are making it difficult to ship bags abroad. The city of Ho Chi Minh has been confined and strict controls are being carried out on travel to key production regions. The growers encounter difficulties in transporting their robusta beans to export ports, a less noble variety than Arabica but mainly produced in Vietnam.

Trading groups and the Vietnamese Coffee and Cocoa Association have called on the government to relax sanitary rules that cause delays and increase costs. Some traders even fear having to compensate their buyers in the event of late deliveries. Transport Minister Nguyễn Văn Thể asked all local provinces in the south of the country to facilitate the transport of agricultural products such as rice or coffee as much as possible and to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.

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