Health pass at work: “Is it up to business leaders to exercise” “police powers?” Asks the deputy chairman of Medef

In a way, the State reports to business leaders a decision or measures that it does not want to take itself in a general way, that is to say the vaccination obligation.“, explains Patrick Martin, the deputy chairman of Medef, invited this Sunday from franceinfo, while the government evokes a possible health pass in business.

The risk for the business manager, if he does not face up to his responsibilities, is a 45,000 euros fine and one year of imprisonment.“, he explains.”Is it up to business leaders to exercise police powers in a certain way while exposing themselves to very heavy penalties?“, he asks.

Patrick Martin also evokes the practical problems that this measure would generate: “I’ll just give you an example for my own business. In this case, I have several hundred employees who are itinerant salespeople and who visit their office one to three times a month. How are we going to check that these employees who travel through France or abroad comply with the obligation?“, he declares.”Control teams should be set up at the entrance to its offices“, adds the deputy chairman.

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In addition, he expresses concerns about the acceptance of measures for people who refuse to present a valid pass. “This was not really the case for sectors that are already subject to this pass, such as in cafes, hotels, restaurants, while we feared very strong tensions. But there, we would change scale, we would change organization“.

Companies will comply with the legislation as they scrupulously since March 2020“, he recalls, on the eve of a meeting with the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne:”We will obviously be constructive. But let’s not make the company wear the hat of public policies which are necessary, but which are not necessarily its responsibility“.

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