Health Minister: Provide enough ‘weapons’ to save severe Covid-19 patients

Minister Long on the morning of August 16 inspected the collection and treatment of Covid-19 patients at the Intensive Care Centers (ICUs) of the Ministry of Health set up in Ho Chi Minh City. When he realized that the ICUs were lacking in equipment, he asked the Special Standing Department of the Ministry of Health in Ho Chi Minh City to immediately supply the missing equipment, with the goal of “how to make the doctors have the best weapons.” , the patient is treated the fastest”.

Right in the afternoon of August 16, 50,000 bottles of muscle relaxants were coordinated by the Ministry of Health to the ICU Center of Bach Mai Hospital set up at Field Hospital 16.

Previously, the Ministry of Health set up a field warehouse of equipment and consumables in Ho Chi Minh City, and transferred 2,000 high-function ventilators and medical equipment to serve treatment. The permanent department in Ho Chi Minh City distributes equipment and consumables to the city as well as localities where the epidemic is spreading. The drug remdesivir was also allocated by the Ministry of Health to Ho Chi Minh City’s resuscitation hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients.

The Minister also emphasized the issue of oxygen for patients, requiring ICU centers to always ensure the reserve of oxygen and compressed air in the tank.

The Minister assigned the Director of the Organization and Personnel Department, the Ministry of Health to coordinate with localities to immediately coordinate specialized human resources into these Centers.

At the Covid-19 Intensive Care Center set up at the No. 13 Field Hospital, Professor Tran Binh Giang, Director of Viet Duc Hospital, said that as of the morning of August 16, the center was treating 98 Covid-19 patients. -19 is heavy. Viet Duc doctors and experts from the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases “are working day and night to treat serious patients with the best techniques, expertise and machines”.

Viet Duc Hospital has brought more than 300 doctors, technicians, medical staff and dozens of tons of protective equipment and means from Hanoi to this Center to carry out patient treatment activities.

Out of 500 treatment beds of the Center, there are 200 intensive care beds for critically ill patients with invasive and non-invasive ventilation. 200 beds for oxygen patients, and 100 beds for monitoring patients when they are mildly transferred.

Currently, Viet Duc technical experts and electrical workers are rapidly completing equipment and hospital beds of a newly handed over block to be able to receive more patients.

Mr. Giang also said that one of the urgent issues for the treatment of patients at the Center is oxygen and drugs to increase health and fight viruses. The center has set up a liquid oxygen tank with a large capacity to promptly treat patients, but is still trying to increase oxygen, because the number of patients being transferred is increasing.

The ICU center of Viet Duc Hospital is treating severe Covid-19 patients. Photo: Vu Manh Cuong

At the Covid-19 Resuscitation Center set up at Field Hospital 16, Doctor Do Ngoc Son, Deputy Head of Department A9, Bach Mai Hospital, in charge of operating the Center’s operations, said that 250 Covid-19 patients- 19 severe cases are being treated at the Center, including 50 mechanical ventilation cases and 6 dialysis cases.

More than 200 doctors and nurses of Bach Mai Hospital from Hanoi to work at the Center have been racing against time to “how to effectively treat patients”. Yesterday, 23 seriously ill patients were treated and discharged from the hospital.

Bach Mai Hospital also established a team of doctors and nurses to support Covid-19 treatment facilities in District 7 and District 8.

Checking the progress of completing items for the treatment of patients of the Intensive Care Center, which is responsible for Hue Central Hospital at Field Hospital 14, the Minister shared with the difficulties and shortages of the patients. medical forces have to leave their families to go to the city on duty. He encouraged doctors to continue to make more efforts to care, treat and save patients, “how to make seriously ill patients get better and quickly leave the hospital, reducing the mortality rate”.

The Minister also reminded doctors and nurses to strictly follow professional and protective guidelines to ensure safety during patient treatment. “Patients rely on us, only a healthy force can take care of and treat patients well,” Minister Long shared.


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