Health measures: in Angers, a call center pinned by the labor inspectorate



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In Angers (Maine-et-Loire), a call center has been checked by the labor inspectorate, and its conclusions are not good. According to employees, certain rules were not respected within the company, leading to the formation of a “mini” cluster.

Of the 400 employees of a call center, eight people have been infected with Covid-19, and 20 are in contact. For the unions, the management did not follow the instructions of the government. “What would have reassured the employees is that the disinfection is done, explains Nathalie Boumenir, CGT Coriolis delegate. And that’s what was not done. “ They therefore requested the labor inspectorate. In her report, she mentions employees “in great difficulty to ensure the care of their children” or “who could not materially respect the minimum distance of one meter”.

Employees also describe breaches of the duty of isolation. Lydie Michelet, who sees her parents daily “who have very fragile health”, had decided to use its right of withdrawal: “It was refused very clearly: for them the necessary was done at the level of sanitary measures, therefore [il] was not justified. “ If management did not wish to respond, employees say they are reassured by the measures taken. They also denounce irresponsible behavior outside the workplace, such as “festivals” organized in the homes of certain employees.

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