Health crisis: these business leaders forced to sleep at their workplace

In Nice, Virginia Begnis had no other choice than to put her suitcases in the back room of her hairdressing salon, six months ago. “The installation is quickly done because there is no kitchen already. There is just a microwave so I can eat“. After three months of confinement, and with a clientele that takes time to return, the hairdresser does not manage to free herself from salary. Despite state aid, she currently does not have the means to find accommodation.

Same situation in Narbonne, where Cyrille Tirard and his son, have taken up residence in the sports hall, opened just a year ago. “We always did well, but the second confinement made us slide slowly but surely“She regrets. “It’s not normal to have to sleep in a tiled cloakroom, it’s not normal to always be cold“She states, moved. An online prize pool has been launched to help them.

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