He had promised, Alexandre Astier accompanied Arnaud to his 200th Kaamelott session: First part

He had taken on the crazy challenge of seeing the beginning of King Arthur’s adventures two hundred times. The director had promised to accompany him to the cinema. On Wednesday September 15, he kept his word.

An absurd challenge, a world record about to be broken, and at the end of it, a beautiful story. Arnaud Klein had set himself the goal of seeing Kaamelott’s first film 200 times, directed by Alexandre Astier. Since the film was released on July 21, the professional editor and videographer does four daily sessions, almost every day. A discipline that pays off. Soon two months later, Arnaud is on the verge of winning his bet.

As promised, Alexandre Astier, King Arthur himself, traveled Wednesday, September 15 to Reims where Arnaud lives, to share a session with him.

A discreet meeting

As reported by France 3 Grand-Est, the actor and the future world record holder for viewing a film in theaters contacted each other by private messages on Twitter a few weeks ago. “He was following my account, I could send him messages for a long time, but I let him take the first step. I knew he would contact me sooner or laterThe fan explained. The challenge of Arnaud having already experienced strong media coverage, the two men preferred to play discretion. “Honestly, if Alexandre Astier hadn’t spoken to me, I wouldn’t have recognized him. Simply because he had a blue sweatshirt with the hood on his head, the mask … There was really only the voice and the eyes that could have been detectable», Says Arnaud Klein.

The two men first shared a meal at the restaurant. Working in the audiovisual industry himself, Arnaud was able to tackle various technical aspects of the profession with his idol. The Rémois then made discover the exceptional heritage of the city, again while being noticed as little as possible. “There are two things to see in Reims when you don’t have too much time: the champagne cellars and the cathedral. I had fun showing it where the old kings used to go ”, smiles the young man who improvised as a tourist guide.

Then came the time for the famous session. A strange projection, since they both knew the film by heart. “We didn’t talk for a while because I saw him hyper focused. You could tell he was really in the future of Kaamelott, and that he was trying to dive back into it “.

A loyal record

In 2019, the American Ramiro Alanis had visited the film 202 times Avengers: Endgame. A probate issue with the Guinness Book of Records Committee brought the record down to “only“191.

If he therefore officially holds the world record, Arnaud is keen to beat the record for loyal viewing. The 203rd session is scheduled for Saturday 18 September. A new king of cinema to be crowned in Reims.


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