HCM City scenario found 500 Covid-19 patients

The Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City has developed a scenario to respond to the emergence of 500 Covid-19 cases, preparing to mobilize 3,258 patient beds, 192 ventilators.

The city is treating 43 cases of Covid-19, including community infection and immigration. The epidemic cluster at Tan Son Nhat airport is considered the largest in the city since 2020, with a record of 25 positive cases a day. In the past 9 days, there have been no new infections in the community, many health experts, the epidemic situation in Ho Chi Minh City has been well controlled.

However, according to the Department of Health, the epidemic situation is still complicated, the health sector must always be ready for emergencies when an epidemic breaks out. Therefore, the Department has developed a treatment plan with three scenarios including less than 100, from 100 to 200 and below 500ca positive.

The Covid-19 treatment area at Cu Chi Da Chien Hospital is always maintained, ready to welcome patients 24/24 hours. Image: Letter Anh.

Scenario one is a city that recorded less than 100 positive cases, accompanied by up to 870 cases suspected of infection, with symptoms requiring isolation and treatment up to 32 cases of serious illness requiring resuscitation. At that time, there will be four hospitals available to treat patients, including Cu Chi Field Hospital, Covid-19 Can Gio Treatment, Tropical Diseases, and Children City. The total number of beds is 970, including 32 recovery beds, 37 beds in negative pressure chambers and 42 ventilators.

Scenario two, the number of cases increased from 100 to 200 cases. At that time, the chain of traceability will accompany up to 1,244 cases of suspected infection, with symptoms requiring isolation and treatment, up to 86 cases of serious illness requiring resuscitation. The four above hospitals will maximize their bed capacity. Children’s Hospital 2 will participate in the support. Thus, a total of 1,444 hospital beds can be mobilized, including 86 recovery beds, 59 beds placed in negative pressure chambers and 86 ventilators.

Especially, Big outbreak translation script, the whole city recorded 200-500 patients, with up to 2,785 cases suspected of being infected, with symptoms requiring isolation and treatment, up to 172 cases of serious illness requiring resuscitation. When the city has used up the number of beds in Covid-19 assigned hospitals, the Department of Health will mobilize all the beds in the quarantine area of ​​the remaining hospitals. Accordingly, the total number of beds can reach 3,258, including 172 recovery beds, 82 beds placed in negative pressure chambers and 192 ventilators.

A negative pressure room at Cu Chi Field Hospital.  Here, medical staff can talk with the patient through the camera system.  Photo: HCMC Department of Health.

A negative pressure room at Cu Chi Field Hospital. Here, medical staff can talk with the patient through the camera system. Image: HCMC Department of Health.

Currently, Cu Chi Field Hospital and Covid-19 Can Gio Treatment Hospital are the two mainstays, treating patients with mild, asymptomatic or mild symptoms (without respiratory support). tissue 900 beds. Employees are mainly from Hospital for Tropical Diseases and alternately from public hospitals under the Department of Health coordinated by the Department of Health. Hospital for Tropical Diseases is the “trump card” with 10 beds ready for positive resuscitation, using ECMO technique if there are severe patients. The Emergency Center 115 is responsible for transporting serious patients.

In addition, the Department of Health requires medical facilities located in the area to strictly comply with regulations on prevention and control of CoV infection, and strengthen the implementation of the 5K message of the Ministry of Health. At the same time, hospitals that have not been recognized as capable of confirming nCoV by RT-PCR need to quickly upgrade their capacity, complete their documents and submit them to the Pasteur Institute of HCMC.

On February 9, at the online meeting of the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, Director of the Department of Health Nguyen Tan Binh said that the city had fully stockpiled bio-products, tested test kits, and ensured capacity. test from 30,000 to 40,000 forms in 24 hours. If the sample is implemented, it can increase capacity to 120,000-150,000 samples per day. Even if we combine 8-16 samples per assay, it could be 300,000 to 400,000.

From the beginning of the epidemic up to now, the city has advocated to mobilize all available resources at health facilities across the area, to limit buying and issuing new ones. Therefore, when necessary, the Department of Health will mobilize available medical equipment, materials, chemicals, and personal protective equipment, ensuring the operating conditions for hospitals designated to use. Covid-19 treatment. In terms of personnel, hospitals are also proactively ready, especially the medical team specialized in positive resuscitation, infectious disease, infection testing and control.

In particular, Cho Ray Hospital coordinates with the Department of Health to establish a treatment specialist group, strengthen professional support for hospitals in receiving and treating severe cases that need emergency resuscitation.

In previous translations, Ho Chi Minh City has repeatedly scripted for similar situations, but never needed it. Da Nang epidemic, the whole city recorded 8 cases, Hai Duong epidemic recorded one case of infection in the community. The chain of infection from Tan Son Nhat airport has been identified from a separate source, with variant Rwanda, Africa.

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