Have a friend put screws in the urethra

HCMCDoctor Binh Dan Hospital did an emergency operation, removed from the 45-year-old patient’s urethra a 6 cm long screw with a hexagonal lock thread.

Doctor Do Lenh Hung, Head of Urology Unit, on January 19, a patient from An Giang came to the hospital because of pain in the genital area. The on-call team identifies the foreign body about 6 cm long along the urethra. Foreign matter makes the patient very painful, unable to urinate, unable to sleep, at risk of infection, causing urethral abscess. The urethra is the tube that connects the bladder to the opening to carry urine out.

The patient said he was drunk at a New Year’s party, when a wine friend inserted a screw into his urethra. When he woke up, he had pain, urinary discomfort, touched the hexagonal lock end of the screw, used many ways to still not remove it but also pushed it deep into the urinary tract.

“For three days, in order to be able to urinate, I used a urinary extension cord,” said the patient. Later, unable to bear the pain, he went to a local hospital and was transferred to Ho Chi Minh City. I think this is a simple joke, the foreign body will follow the urine, unexpectedly severe consequences.

The screw was taken from the patient’s urinary tract by the doctor at Binh Dan Hospital. Image: Bare velvet.

Surgeons open the bladder to the skin to circulate urine, minimizing the risk of infection. After that, the patient had an urethral endoscopy, discovered that the foreign body was a screw commonly used in construction. Urethra inflamed, congested, signs of infection.

During the surgery to remove the foreign body, the surgical team noted that the urethral tissue was sticky and infected. “It is difficult to separate the urethra due to a long foreign body, severe inflammation along the urethra”, Dr. Hung said.

After surgery, the patient must wear a urethral catheter. Due to inflammation and infection, the patient is at risk of later urethral stenosis. Patients should adhere to the follow-up visit schedule for immediate intervention if complications of urethral stenosis are present.

According to Dr. Hung, the hospital has received many cases of inserting studs, screws, bandages, toothpicks … into the urethra, while the circumference of the urethra is only about 7-10 mm … timely intervention, foreign bodies will cause inflammation, infection, urethral narrowing progression, genital abscesses are very dangerous.

Le Phuong