Hau Giang innovates to implement the one-stop-shop mechanism towards the convenience of the people

Friendly public administration model

From the early morning, the one-stop section of the Post Office of Long My town was quite crowded with people to carry out administrative procedures.

Mr. Ngo Van Dang (Binh Thanh ward, Long My town, Hau Giang province) has just completed the registration procedure for land change but still has time to go to work. Mr. Dang shared, “I came here from 7:30 a.m., although the counters are still full of people, it only takes about 5-7 minutes to complete all the procedures. The check-in process here is quick and convenient, the Postal staff is not only professional but also very enthusiastic to guide me to complete the application.”

Ms. Hoang Kim Yen was also quite satisfied when she came to register for the family business license registration procedure. Although her house is only less than 1km from the town post office, Yen chooses a service to deliver the results to her door. “It’s hot and sunny, only spending 26,000 dong, I won’t have to come to get a business license anymore. Postal staff will deliver the license to the address I registered, “said Ms. Yen.

More than 10km away, at the Cultural Post Office of Long Tri Commune, 4 staff members of the commune-level OSS department are urgently receiving documents in the fields of justice, police, cadastral administration, natural resources and environment… for people. people in the commune. People who come to the Commune Post Office are very comfortable. Because for a long time, this has been considered a community cultural activity point for everyone.

Mr. Vo Van Triet, a civil servant of Long Tri Commune’s one-stop-shop department added, “The department that receives and returns the results of administrative procedures from the Commune People’s Committee has been transferred to the Commune Culture Post Office from 2020. Here The area is quite spacious, the civil servants are not only fully equipped with equipment and working space, but the working location here is also very convenient for people to register for administrative procedures.”

At a meeting at the end of July between the Department of Information and Communications of Hau Giang province and the Provincial Post Office, Mr. La Hoang Trung – Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Hau Giang province said: “After the Provincial People’s Committee and General Vietnam Post Company has implemented a coordination plan from 2019 in the implementation of public administration, up to now, provincial departments and localities have coordinated with Hau Giang Post Office to deploy communication services. receive documents, return the results of administrative procedures at home to people, transfer the one-stop department at all levels to service points of the Post Office, and at the same time arrange postal staff to participate in receiving documents at the Ministry of Transport. one-stop department at all levels.

It is expected that in August 2022, Hau Giang Public Administration Service Center will also be moved to operate at the new headquarters built in the post office of Hau Giang province.

Trung also affirmed that the coordination between the Provincial Post Office and the One-Stop-Shop Departments has helped increase productivity, quality, and reduce the number of officials, civil servants and public employees at the One-Stop-Shop to enhance work. expertise, creating conditions for downsizing the staff; save costs and improve the local PAR index; creating convenient conditions for people, being served attentively and friendly.

Postal workers work as “one-stop civil servants”

At a recent meeting between the People’s Committee of Hau Giang province and the Vietnam Post Corporation on the implementation of Decision 468/2021/QD-TTg on approving the project to renovate the implementation of the one-stop-shop mechanism, In handling administrative procedures, Mr. Pham Giang Son – Director of Hau Giang Post Office said that Hau Giang Post Office is actively working with departments, branches and People’s Committees at all levels to coordinate the selection of postal services. procedures for transferring to the post office. In particular, the Provincial Post Office is ready to receive civil servants at the transfer points to work at the one-stop shop, if that cadre is in the list of staff reductions but still meets the recruitment requirements of the Provincial Post Office. .

“All Postal employees participating in receiving documents at the one-stop shop at all levels are carefully recruited. We not only require a clean resume, professional qualifications suitable to the actual work, high discipline, but also require formal, civilized, polite, and physical behavior. show the corporate culture of Vietnam Post,” affirmed Mr. Son.

Particularly for the implementation of digitization of records according to the provisions of the Scheme on renewal of the implementation of the one-stop-shop mechanism, the one-stop-shop mechanism in handling administrative procedures, recently the Provincial People’s Committee has approved in writing to assign The provincial post office is responsible for digitizing records and entering them on the provincial public service portal as soon as they receive people’s records via the public postal service. Besides, for public administrative procedures at level 3-4, if people do not have equipment or do not know how to digitize documents, they can go to service points of the Post Office for free support. online application fee.

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