Harry Potter: the fan-directed Voldemort movie is online

33 minutes in length, The House of Gaunts: Lord Voldemort Origins is directed by Joris Faucon Grimaud, young French director and fan of the JK Rowling saga. It is available free of charge.

Don’t say her name, just go see The House of Gaunt: Lord Voldemort origins , posted for free on Wednesday, September 15. Directed by Joris Faucon-Grimaud, this fan-made film has been awaited since the release last February of a promising trailer. Written by the director as well as Thomas Rokita, the medium-length film focuses on the mysterious youth of Harry Potter’s main antagonist, Lord Voldemort, and in particular his passage from a simple sorcerer’s apprentice to a dangerous psychopath.

Tight budget and volunteering

Announced in 2017, what was at the beginning a very daring project was made possible thanks to three crowdfunding campaigns. With a budget of only 62,000 euros, Franco-British production had to do with the means at hand. Excited by the project, 80 film professionals from both sides of the Channel agreed to work on a voluntary basis and notably helped with the three-year filming and post-production, which lasted eighteen months.

In the casting, difficult to attract Ralph Fiennes, the actor of the saga. It is therefore the young Maxence Daunet-Fauvel, already seen in the third season of SKAM, who took the lead role. As a reward, contributors to the film were able to preview the medium-length film in five special screenings on the big screen.

Meet producers and distributors

Asked by The world , Joris Faucon-Grimaud unveiled what prompted him to embark on this crazy project: “I wondered if it was better to do an original screenplay at the risk of not convincing enough or to try to reach a lot of people via a ‘fan film’ in a world that I adore.“And the young 27-year-old director does not intend to stop there:”This film is a way to please fans as well as to build a CV, to prove myself, especially in fantasy cinema, a genre that is still underdeveloped in France.

Joris Faucon-Grimaud advises “to watch it in good conditions in order to make the most of the heavy atmosphere of the film.»Twenty years later Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, the first film in the official saga, the universe created by JK Rowling continues to fascinate.


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