Harassment, rape, racism: Rio Tinto’s toxic corporate culture

Posted Feb 8 2022 at 6:51 amUpdated 8 Feb. 2022 at 6:59

Following a series of scandals, Rio Tinto realized that it was necessary to change a corporate culture that had become highly toxic over the years. After the destruction of an Aboriginal site, the world’s leading producer of iron ore, an essential ingredient in steel, was pinned by the Australian parliament on sexism in its mines. In the wake of this parliamentary investigation, already damning, the group commissioned a more detailed report in order to take full measure of the work to be carried out to restore correct working conditions.

The investigations were entrusted to Elizabeth Broderick, former sex discrimination commissioner in Australia, who questioned nearly 10,000 employees of the group for 8 months. The appalling report highlights the “systemic” nature of the harassment of women: 21 women have been victims of rape, sexual assault or attempted rape over the past five years. And nearly a third of the women surveyed said they had been harassed.

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