Hanoi records 50 suspected Covid-19 cases in 24 hours

Hanoi Department of Health recorded 20 positive cases of nCoV from 12:00 to 18:00 on August 19, bringing the total number of cases in 24 hours to 50. Bac Ninh added 8 more cases related to Viettel Post store epidemic cluster, Nghe An 44 cases. .

These cases have not been announced by the Ministry of Health and are considered as suspected cases.

At Hanoi, 20 positive cases of nCoV, including one in the community and 19 in the isolation area. All 20 people belong to the community fever cluster and related people, distributed in 8 districts, including: Bac Tu Liem, Dong Da, Hoai Duc, Hai Ba Trung, Hoang Mai, Nam Tu Liem, Soc Son, Thanh Tri.

This afternoon, Hanoi recorded 25 positive cases of nCoV, including 4 cases in the community and 21 cases in the isolation area. All 25 people belong to the community fever cluster and related people, distributed in 10 districts, including: Hai Ba Trung, Hoang Mai, Dong Anh, Ha Dong, Thanh Tri, Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hoan Kiem, Thanh Xuan, Thuong Tin.

This morning, Hanoi recorded 5 cases, all related to the cluster of cases detected from community fever cough people, living in Dong Da and Ha Dong districts.

Thus, the total number of positive cases within 24 hours, from 6 pm on August 18 to 18 pm on August 19 in Hanoi is 50 people. Since April 29, Hanoi has recorded 2,409 positive cases of nCoV, of which 1,239 cases were recorded outside the community, 1,170 cases were isolated.

Regarding the results of the second round of large-scale testing for high-risk subjects, people living in high-risk areas and blockade areas, as of 12 noon today, the whole city has collected 276,888 samples, of which 17,778 samples in the blockade area, 119,912 samples in the risk area, 139,198 samples were at risk. Currently, 53,734 samples are negative, the remaining samples are waiting for results.

According to the Department of Health, 13 high-risk groups of people who are sampled for nCoV testing in the second phase are: shipper; sellers at traditional markets, toad markets; sales staff at supermarkets, trade centers; home grocer; petrol salesman; driving industrial parks, long distances; security at apartment buildings, industrial parks, factories, enterprises, agencies and mass organizations; construction workers are stuck in Hanoi; drug sales staff at drugstores; people working in retail warehouses; the person on duty at the quarantine checkpoint; anti-epidemic support force; urban environment company employees directly collect garbage (drivers, janitors).

Previously, from August 10 to 15, the city completed the first large-scale screening test in areas with risk factors in 30 districts and towns. As a result, 313,010 samples were taken, thereby detecting 29 positive cases in 5 districts including: Dong Da 23 cases, Thanh Tri 3 cases, Hoang Mai, Ha Dong and Thanh Oai districts one case each. To date, 312,981 samples tested negative.

Checkpoint in Hanoi Old Quarter. Photo: Giang Huy

Bac Ninh Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control recorded 8 new positive cases, all related to Viettel Post store employees, including 7 in Luong Tai and one in Gia Binh. Thus, as of the morning of August 19, Bac Ninh recorded a total of 60 cases related to this epidemic cluster. The province reviewed more than 9,796 F1 and more than 54,424 related F2s, urgently activated anti-epidemic measures with the goal of zoning, stamping out the epidemic and speeding up large-scale sampling and testing in the area.

It is expected that in the coming days, the number of cases will continue to increase. Bac Ninh raised the anti-epidemic warning level to the highest level, both tracing and reviewing cases related to the outbreak in the area, and checking cases of going to/to/in/from/from epidemic areas in the locality. Bac Ninh province, taking samples for testing, medical isolation in accordance with regulations.

Bac Ninh is treating 63 patients at the Provincial General Hospital, there are no serious cases; 1,678 patients have been discharged. The whole province has injected 358,201 vaccines for 302,299 people, of which: the first dose is 246,401 people, the second dose is 55,900 people.

Today, the Center for Disease Control of Bac Ninh province continues to recommend people going to/to/to/from/from an epidemic area to contact their local health care provider or call the hotline in Bac Ninh province at 0965 164 919 to ask for help. Supported. Specifically:

– DHA One Member Limited Liability Company (DHA Garment Company) Apple Doi Industrial Cluster, Thua Town, Luong Tai District, from August 9 to present.

– Dung Hoi gold and silver shop, 54 Ly Thai To, Thua town, from 11/8.

– Mr. Thinh’s carpentry workshop, Thai Tri village, Lam Thao commune, Luong Tai district, from August 13 to present.

On the morning of August 19, Quang Tri Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control announced 9 more cases of nCoV infection, all returning from southern provinces, being treated at Quang Tri Hospital for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

In which, 2 cases returned by train from Binh Duong on August 15, concentrated isolation at the old Hai Khe kindergarten (Hai Lang), tested positive by RT-PCR method on August 18.

The rest, including 3 people traveling by car from Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai province, 4 people riding motorbikes from Quang Tri on August 2. These people all declared at Hai Lang Medical Checkpoint, located on National Highway 1A, and then were taken to concentrated isolation.

To date, Quang Tri has recorded 76 cases of Covid-19.

In Nghe AnFrom 6pm on August 18 to this morning, there were 44 cases positive for nCoV, of which 22 were community cases. The rest were found in the isolation area.

Thus, from June 13 to now, the whole Nghe An province has had 683 cases of Covid-19 infection and suspected infection in 20 localities. In which, Vinh City 149 cases; Quynh Luu district 136 cases; Yen Thanh district 68 cases; Ky Son 47 cases; Dien Chau 35 ca…

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