Hanoi establishes “green zones”, postal enterprises change the way of essential delivery

As soon as Hanoi established “green zones” – areas with no infections, postal enterprises flexibly changed their delivery solutions to ensure the supply of essential goods to these areas, and at the same time comply with the regulations. anti-epidemic regulations.

Protecting the “green zone”, people increasingly buy food online

On August 6, along with the decision to continue social distancing throughout the city until 6 a.m. on August 23 to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic, the Hanoi People’s Committee divided the areas into “zones”. green”, “orange” and “red”. In which, in areas where there is no “green zone” epidemic, all people entering and leaving must make a medical declaration and follow the 5K principle; The person transporting the goods will only be delivered at the checkpoint, not directly into people’s houses.

Ms. Do Thuy Linh from My Dinh said that even though she is in the “green zone”, she still chooses to buy food online so she doesn’t have to leave the house. “If you order vegetables and meat early, you will receive them within a day. If you buy laundry detergent, house cleaner or other household items, it will only take 1-2 days for the goods to arrive. Goods are delivered by staff at the checkpoint, the staff on duty help bring them to my house, I don’t need to leave the safe area”Ms. Linh said.

Postal staff disinfect the goods before placing them in the specified “green zone” apartment location.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Van, a resident living in the “green area” at Lane 294 Kim Ma, said that instead of delivering goods to her door as before, postal staff at the post office Giang Van Minh of Viettel Post sent a message before delivering the goods. If you inform or call in advance, Ms. Van will walk to the “green zone” security post to receive the goods.

“The receipt of goods at the table, the counter of the neighborhood group is available. This new way of delivery is a bit inconvenient but gives me more peace of mind because there is absolutely no contact with the delivery person.” Van shared.

Talking to ICTnews, a representative of Hanoi Post informed: Immediately after the distance was extended, the unit “covered” more items at essential selling points, stabilizing prices as well as on the floor. Postmart. As of August 12, this business has provided more than 1,900 tons of essential goods, of which Postmart alone has more than 7,500 orders, with a total volume of nearly 38 tons. Sales channel through Postmart floor and hotline numbers of post offices have increased in recent days.

The Seashell Floor also recognizes the trend that people in the capital are gradually getting into the habit of shopping for food and necessities online. From July 24 to now, the volume of goods provided through this e-commerce platform to Hanoi people has reached 751 tons, equivalent to VND 15.81 billion, a sharp increase of about 62% compared to before Hanoi. Social distancing according to Directive 16.

In fact, in order to meet the consumption needs of people in “green areas”, two postal enterprises Vietnam Post and Viettel Post simultaneously deployed on two sales channels via e-commerce floor, via postal offices. dozen or post office hotline number. Commodity products including: food, food and essential household items will be designed in combos, suitable for basic living of families.

People just need to order on Postmart, Seashell or contact the hotline of 2 units to order. In particular, the form of delivery is flexibly changed by both Vietnam Post and Viettel Post according to the situation at the “green zone”.

Contactless delivery in “green zones”

Mr. Phan Trong Le, Head of Research, Development and Branding Department, Vietnam Post, said that over the past week, the number of orders through online channels has increased sharply. To ensure fast and safe delivery before arriving at the delivery point, the Postal staff will contact the customer in advance to agree on the delivery plan.

In the event that it is not possible to connect with customers in the “green zone”, the postal staff will coordinate with the force on duty at the checkpoint to bring the goods to the customer’s door. In addition, the unit has coordinated with the authorities to vaccinate at least 1 dose of vaccine for nearly 23,000 employees, mainly postal workers, applying 5K in delivery and communication. with customers even in the “green zone”.

“Postal staff are working closely with the force involved at key points to have a plan to deliver goods to people’s homes in the fastest and most convenient way. We also encourage customers to pay non-cash to both simplify the delivery process and absolutely ensure 5K in epidemic prevention.”Mr. Le added more information.

Hanoi establishes
The organization of delivery and receipt of goods by postal businesses in “green areas” for more than a week has been adjusted to suit the new situation.

Information on delivery principles, the unit is asking postmen to strictly comply with the “green zone” posts, Director of Viettel Post Hanoi Dam Khanh said: “Our staff places the goods at the table of the green zone, sprays disinfectant on the line, takes a photo to confirm with the customer via the app, then backs away. Next, the customer or the staff at the service desk will receive the goods at the table. This way, we can deliver the goods while still ensuring the regulations in the green zone.”.

A representative of Viettel Post also said that this is the time when the “digital post office” model with 1 employee operating in a certain area will be effective.

In addition, postal workers participating in activities during the epidemic season are given priority to vaccinate and regularly undergo screening tests. This team is also required to use the provided protective equipment such as antibacterial masks, anti-droplet masks, etc.

With careful preparation of both delivery methods and epidemic prevention measures, both Vietnam Post and Viettel Post are committed to fully providing goods for families in the “green zone” across the city. Each day, the two units can transport more than 200 tons of goods to people, helping to maintain the supply chain of goods in the capital.

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