Hanoi distributes 3 bags of medicine, instructing F0 to treat at home

F0 at home must be able to take care of themselves, take medicine according to the instructions of medical staff who provide medicine bags; signs of angina pectoris, shortness of breath, pale skin and lips… need to be declared immediately.

Hanoi continues to increase the number of new cases after implementing safe adaptation. In the 6 days from November 28, the number of cases is over 300, especially on December 3, 542 new infections were recorded in 24 hours, the highest in the 4th epidemic. Faced with more complicated developments, the need for treatment increased. , the government made many response plans, especially for F0 to be isolated at home according to The plan for isolation, management, monitoring, examination and treatment at home for people infected with Covid-19 in the area issued by the City People’s Committee on December 2.

According to the new instructions, F0 home treatment It is necessary to perform self-monitoring of health and fill in the health monitoring form twice a day in the morning and afternoon or when there are signs and symptoms that require emergency hospitalisation. Vital indicators such as breathing rate, pulse, temperature, SpO2 and blood pressure.

For adults with fever over 38.5 degrees Celsius or headache, severe pain should take one antipyretic tablet at a time such as paracetamol 0.5g, can be repeated every 4 to 6 hours, no more than 4 tablets a day. oresol or can be used instead of water. For children with fever above 38.5°C, take antipyretic drugs such as paracetamol at dose 10 15mg/kg/time, can be repeated every 4 to 6 hours, no more than 4 times a day.

If after taking fever-reducing drugs twice, the patient should immediately notify the facility managing people with Covid-19 at home for coordinated handling.

NS signs of aggravation Seek medical attention immediately, including difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, or, in children, signs of abnormal breathing: whining, chest indrawing, rising and falling of the nostrils, wheezing, or stridor. Increased respiratory rate, in adults >21 breaths/minute; children from 1 to under 5 years old > 40 times/minute; Children from 5 to under 12 years old > 30 times/minute. SpO2 < 95% (if possible), tachycardia > 120 beats/min or less than 50 beats/min…

Some other signs such as angina, shortness of breath when exercising; unable to speak in enough sentences; confusion about time, place; pale skin and lips; unable to walk, hold, eat or drink by themselves; cold fingertips, toes…

Medical staff distribute 3 packs of medicine to treat F0 at home according to symptoms. Package A, for F0 over 18 years old includes paracetamol, vitamin C. Package B for F0 over 18 years old includes dexamethasone or methylprednisolone, rivaroxaban. Do not take if pregnant, nursing or have one of the stomach (stomach) diseases, liver disease, kidney disease or easy bleeding. Package C includes the antiviral drug molnupiravir.

In addition, F0 prepares more drugs to balance electrolytes, drugs to support health promotion, increase resistance, disinfect throat, SpO2 meter, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, gloves, alcohol, glasses anti-droplet…

A member of the community Covid team in Trung Van ward, Nam Tu Liem district disinfects supplies for an F1 family isolated at home on Luong The Vinh street, November 16 afternoon. Photo: BILLIONDinh Dinh

Doctor Nguyen Hong Ha, Vice President of the Vietnam Infectious Diseases Association, said that how to care for and treat F0 at home depends on the number of patients. He said that the number of infections in Hanoi is much different than in Ho Chi Minh City. In July, Ho Chi Minh City recorded thousands of infections a day, while the number of cases in Hanoi in the past month, on average, only recorded about 300-400 cases a day. Therefore, some of the problems of home care F0 in Hanoi are not quite the same as in HCMC.

The doctor said that, with Hanoi, The important issue is to organize a good external support health system. F0 must be able to contact the medical staff when necessary, along with that, the medical system needs to daily capture and update the patient’s health situation, promptly detect signs of worsening to take them to the hospital. medical, avoid losing track of F0.

This is also the opinion of Dr. Truong Huu Khanh, a specialist consultant at the Department of Infections – Neurology, Children’s Hospital 1. According to Mr. Khanh, when piloting isolation and treatment of F0 at home, it is essential to have a medical team. community, establish a counseling line, immediately analyze at-risk subjects and follow up.

Previously, Hanoi had announced a plan to organize treatment to meet 100,000 cases. City leaders said, if 30,000 cases or more appear, Hanoi will divide into 4 levels of treatment for F0s. In which, city hospital level 1; district hospitals, district level 2; level 3 commune, ward and township health centers; Level 4 is home treatment.

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