Hanoi adds 12 infections in 24 hours

Hanoi Department of Health recorded 2 positive cases of nCoV from 12 am to 6 pm on September 17, bringing the total number of cases in the day to 12, the lowest in the past two months. Nghe An added 5 cases, Quang Binh 29 cases.

These cases have not been announced by the Ministry of Health and are considered as suspected cases.

At Hanoi, two cases are in isolation and blockade, is the F1 of the cough and fever screening cases, living in Hoang Mai and Thanh Tri, one case each.

This afternoon, Hanoi recorded 7 cases, all in isolation and blockade, which is the F1 of screening cases for cough and fever, including 3 cases in Thanh Xuan and Hoang Mai districts. In particular, the outbreak in Thanh Xuan Trung ward recorded two cases, female, 21 years old and male, 60 years old, both of whom have been isolated. On September 16, they were tested positive for nCoV. In Hoang Mai, all 4 cases belong to the Den Lu and Hoang Van Thu outbreaks.

This morning, Hanoi recorded three cases, all in Thanh Tri, belonging to the F1 cluster of community cough and fever screening cases, including: Male, 42 years old in Ta Thanh Oai; Female, 33 years old from Tu Hiep; Male, 3 years old in Huu Hoa.

4 outbreaks appeared from the beginning of September until now, may continue to increase cases, including: Ta Thanh Oai, Thanh Tri, detected since September 5, so far 10 cases have been recorded; group 2 Thanh Liet, Thanh Tri, discovered on September 3, so far recorded 19 cases; Tan My, Thuy Huong, and Chuong My villages, so far have recorded 5 cases; Apartment A1-A4-A5, Den Lu Urban Area, Hoang Mai, so far 22 cases have been recorded; Outbreaks in Bach Lien, Lien Phuong, Thuong Tin, so far have 4 cases. Thanh Xuan Trung outbreak, detected since August 23, has so far recorded 581 infections.

Thus, within 24 hours, from 6pm on September 16 to 6pm on September 17, Hanoi recorded 12 positive cases of nCoV. This is the lowest number in the past two months. The cumulative number of cases in Hanoi during the 4th epidemic (from April 27) is 3,884 cases, of which the number of cases recorded outside the community is 1,596 cases, the number of cases is 2,288 people who have been isolated.

Regarding large-scale testing throughout the city, on September 16, the whole city took 57,788 test samples. From September 8 to now, the whole city took a total of 4,255,316 samples, of which 2,965,789 PCR samples and 1,289,527 rapid tests, detected 21 positive cases.

As of 12 a.m. on September 17, Hanoi had administered 22,607 shots of the Covid-19 vaccine. The total number of injections was 5,276,056 injections, of which the 1: 4,853,500, 2: 422,556 injections, achieved a progress of 88.5% of the total vaccine doses issued.

Trung Do Cooperative Apartment (Ben Thuy ward) has been blocked since the afternoon of September 16. Photo: Hai Binh

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Nghe An From 6 a.m. on September 16 to this morning, five more cases were positive for nCoV. According to the CDC, among these, there are 4 community infections with their families, including husband and wife and two children, living on the 12th floor, Trung Do cooperative apartment building, in Ben Thuy ward (Vinh City).

Epidemiological investigation, on September 16, the 31-year-old woman had a fever and sore throat, so she made a medical declaration, took a sample for testing, and tested positive for nCoV. On the same day, her husband and two children tested positive. The husband is a shipper, so he interacts with many people and moves to many places in Vinh City.

These 4 community cases were assessed by the Nghe An health sector as “very complicated and potentially at risk of outbreak again” when Vinh city had just switched to Directive 15 for 4 days. The most recent case of infection in the community in the city was recorded on September 10; CDC announced that all previously detected outbreaks and clusters are under control.

The authorities are focusing on tracking F1; blockade and test all about 500 people in Trung Do cooperative apartment.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Nghe An has had 1,805 confirmed and suspected cases of Covid-19. Of which, Vinh City has 614 cases, Yen Thanh district has 199 cases, Dien Chau has 190 cases, and Quynh Luu has 146 cases.

From 0:00 on September 17, Nghe An also switched from Directive 15 to apply Directive 19 to all districts of Yen Thanh, Do Luong, Quynh Luu, Hoang Mai town and 17/18 communes and towns of Hung district. Nguyen (except for Hung Thinh commune).

From 6:00 a.m. on September 16 to 6:00 a.m. on September 17, CDC Quang Binh tested 36,709 people, of which 29 cases of Covid-19 were detected, bringing the total number of cases in the province to 1,416 cases, of which 445 cases have been cured.

In which, there is a new outbreak in Quang Tho ward (Ba Don town) with 2 cases of nCoV infection. With 2 cases of infection in this new outbreak, Quang Binh health sector has quickly tested 550 people in Ba Don market and residence, both negative results, currently waiting for confirmation by RT-PCR.

Thuy Quynh – Nguyen Hai – Hoang Tao