Hanna Schygulla, a diva brought to light on Arte

CRITICAL – The documentary Hanna Schygulla: a free muse, by André Schäfer, paints a detailed and emotional portrait of a great German actress, muse of Fassbinder, but also of so many other filmmakers who showed her Madonna, singular, courageous… Not to be missed this Wednesday 17 November on Arte at 10:30 p.m.

At 78, Hanna Schygulla’s name suddenly resurfaced in the eyes of moviegoers in François Ozon’s latest film Everything went well, with Sophie Marceau and André Dussollier, where she plays with great confidence the unexpected role of a retired magistrate, spectral representative of a Swiss organization proposing euthanasia …

Her calm tone of voice, her singularly soft phrasing, which suggests hints of German accent, make her immediately recognizable. Now, the lunar roundness of her face, surrounded by her crown of immaculate hair intrigues as much as it seduces. Hanna Schygulla is like a fascinating storyteller, the living memory of generous, deep and avant-garde European cinema.

Generosity and paradoxes

The moving documentary by André Schäfer, Hanna Schygulla: a free muse, captures the diva of European cinema in all its complexity, generosity and paradoxes. We first surprise her in her Parisian apartment, a stone’s throw from the Place des

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