Hands off my Champions League!

In the professional football galaxy, the next world does not exist. It turns out even worse than the one before. In the midst of a pandemic, while hundreds of amateur clubs are preparing to go out of business, a handful of football bankers shamelessly taunts the dying, the without rank, by offering a Super League of 12 European billionaire clubs , totally locked, closed in on itself, sending the less fortunate back to the bunkers of history. A bubble of the rich.

What do these “twelve bastards” want, full of arrogance and disdain for everything that does not ring in the billions in their ears and in the European stock markets? Still more billions, always more billions. This coup aims to create a fully autonomous guild of the constituted powers, such as UEFA or FIFA, bodies which are accountable to various European governments. And above all to manage alone the television rights, already colossal, which would be multiplied by two or three.

At the head of this pronunciamento, Real Madrid, Juventus Turin and a host of English clubs. Their objective is simple: to remain among themselves, between round-ball traders, to move away from anything that could resemble solidarity, ethics, and also the famous and thrilling “uncertainty of sport”, to move forward with great strides. towards a society of the spectacle always more delivered to the powers of the money-king.

5 questions on the controversy surrounding the “Super League”, the “VIP club” of the football powers

Still a little hope …

The queen competition of the Champions League would be nothing more than a neighborhood championship, a village tournament. Created in 1955 by a handful of journalists from the daily “L’Equipe”, it has thrilled hundreds of millions of supporters, the majority of whom speak out against this dirty blow to the “old lady”. Most associations of football fans, both in England and in most of the countries concerned, are also screaming against this “unworthy” takeover. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, a reputed man of compromise, has unearthed the hatchet and threatens the “traitors” with the worst sanctions: exclusion from all competition, ban on their selection players in their national team. Can you imagine Cristiano Ronaldo, star of Juventus of Turin, condemned to bench in the team of Portugal? Or Raphaël Varane, defender of Real Madrid, condemned to no longer wear the jersey of the reigning world champions?

Small ray of sunshine in this sinister affair, PSG and Bayern Munich, the last two finalists of the competition, preferred to hit in touch and not to endorse the putsch. Even the very liberal Boris Johnson joined, just like Emmanuel Macron, in the concert of protests. Everyone knows that this poker move attempted by the club of twelve is also a bluff, a test to measure the resistance capacity of international football bodies, and to permanently cut the umbilical cord with them. If the “conspirators” succeeded in their ends, the image of the most popular sport in the world, a formidable vector of social bond, from the favelas of Rio to the HLMs of Sarcelles, would be permanently tarnished, not to say burnt on the altar. greed and business. We must hope that a burst will be organized as soon as possible. Why not at the level of Europe? After all, is it this regulating power that is under attack in this foul-smelling raid?

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